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  1. ya, Girl!! it shows that you are having a great art of writing i.e. to express the inner feeling
    everyone feels, but only few can express like wht you did.........

  2. Vinay Prabhakar27 March 2012 at 02:06

    excellent selection of name. Are you creating and posting on yor blog yorself?

  3. Hey Monica..I really do appriciat ur impressd by ur name of the blog itslf dt z "A girl in City"..
    U hv simply explaind a lot in ur way..luv da way u expressd ur feelings of love and emotion..

    Keep writing..
    All da best \m/

  4. Pratingya and Vinayji...Thank you for your comment...Keep visiting and you always find some new content to entertain you... :)

  5. Hi Monika,

    jst read almost all ur blogs..
    u write very nicely...
    n i m happy to read about ur love also..

    god bless..

  6. Hi Nishu...
    Thank you for reading my all blog and keep visiting so that u can enjoy reading.........

  7. Hey Gorgeous,

    I like your all blogs, I wanted to say: These days everyone are busy in making money and forget to live their life but your writing push me to see the present moment.

    Cheers to you
    lots of love
    Neeta Chauhan

  8. Thank you so much mam opps sorry Neeta :)

  9. Its amazing to see a different side of u..knowing u has been a pleasure...

  10. hey nice blog. I would prefer if you put photos that are originally yours though :)

    heads up is broken and some of your posts link to it.


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