Monday, December 04, 2017

No title post

It hasbeen months or I can say years I wrote a single line for this blog. I usually wrote post on my real life, some times fiction too. Today also, I am trying to express some thing bothering deeply. Some times I feel I have nothing to bother, but still have something that I wanted to share but not getting one to share with. Sometimes I'm just looking for listening ears and don't know what.

I think I'm not able handle the emotions I'm having right now. I have lots of friends, but this point of time no one who can actually understand. I think even I don't have words which can express what exactly I'm feeling. For everyone, everything is going well, but I knew it's not. I don't want to cry over the same feelings & emotions, and even don't want to share. But what to do when it's bothering me deeply.

Most of the time, I think that it's okay to feel so, everyone has some thing missing in their life, so everyone should learn live with them. But why we can not.

Great People.. Love You All :)