Saturday, November 07, 2015

कितने ख्याल, कितनी बातें (Video)

नमस्ते दोस्तों, 

मैं आज पहली बार अपनी ही एक कविता को आवाज़ देने की कोशिश की है, शायद आप सबको मेरे और सभी पोस्ट्स की तरह ये नई रचना भी पसंद आये. वैसे ये तरक़ीब यहीं पर किसी दोस्त ने कमेंट में बताया था और आज आखिर कार मैंने उसे अपना ही लिया. 

                         धन्यवाद इस सुझाव के लिए V. Archana

Thursday, July 23, 2015

a dream........ a nightmare

The Door bell rang, rang it again. rubbing her dreamy eyes she  wondered , who might be there, so early in the morning. She lazily opened the door. There were five men in impeccable uniform, stars shining in glory of morning sun on their shoulders. They were officers of Indian Air force. But why were they here so early in the morning. Till now she had known only one among them, the one whom she loved, Sudhir. All memories rushed to her mind and all sort of bad thoughts started pouring in. With sweat on forehead she asked them & got to know they were Sudhir's colleagues.

Old memories came crashing like she was seeing a movie. Sudhir, an Indian Airforce officer & Anamika were deeply in love with each other, nurturing & taking care of each other like best Friends, like lovers, even like parents. Every second without him she used to wait for him, yearn for his arms. Anamika has just been simple normal girl enjoying his company, visualizing her future with him, his love, care & concerns meant the world to her. She used to write her name with his surname & then used tease herself for that. The future as his wife was endearing & comforting. Sudhir also reciprocated giving her love, care & respect she deserved in his life.

They never imagined that a day will arrive when they will be stranger to each other. The day came, out of parental pressure, they decided to never see each other in future. it was painful yet unavoidable. they who were made for each other, became two separate individuals now. Anamika slowly but certainly started taking things in her stride & learnt to live life all alone, there was no more drama in her life, no more love, no more uninhibited zeal, only remark and a lesson of life learnt.

she didn't have time to wipe her tears when she heard a loud voice Miss. Anamika....can you hear us....Are you okay..!! Everything vanished as she came to present, & saw a uniform in a bag. one of officer told her that Sudhir got Martyrdom while fighting insurgents in Kashmir. Her head started dizzying...and her heart started pondering...  as she breakdown on ground crying loudly. After a little while one of the officers told her that it was his last wish that the Uniform must be handed over to you. She remembered asking him again and again to see him in Uniform, give a uniform pic to her. but he always denied stating security reasons. He died, but fulfilled her wish,... She hold the uniform and hugged it imagining the man it adored, the man she loved, she can't see anything. As the world started disappearing, she wanted to shout to ask why this happen to her, her throat started choking and ...

She woke up in her bed with sweat holes in her forehead. was a dream...her heart was still pounding and though she hadn't called him in she called him. He was sleeping and so picked up the call with seeing the number and said "Hello". She heard, got confirmed he is well and disconnected the call. So it was actually a dream ...a bad dream....a nightmare.

Monday, June 22, 2015

सुन रही थी सुद बुद् खोके जैसे मैं कहानी

ओ रे मनवा तू तो बावरा था।
तू ही जाने तू क्या सोचता था
तू क्या सोचता था बावरे
क्यूँ दिखाए तूने सपने सोते जागते
जो थे ना तेरे वास्ते

कैसे मैं चली 
देख ना सकी
अनजाने रास्ते
गूंजा सा था कोई एक तारा 

सुन रही थी सूद बुद् खोके जैसे मैं कहानी...
अधूरी कहानी थी ये कहाँ था पता।
जहाँ से शुरू हुई वहीँ पर खत्म
इतनी कहानी थी ये 
कहाँ था पता

ओ रे मनवा तू तो बावरा था
तू ही जाने तू क्या सोचता था
तू क्या सोचता था बावरे

Saturday, May 23, 2015

क्या मैं भी तुझे इतना ही याद आती हूँ

सोचती हु 
क्या मैं भी तुझे इतना ही याद आती हूँ 
सदियाँ बीती लगता यूँ 
जब तुझसे मिलने का इन्तजार होता था 
आज तो बस पता है 
कि तू सिर्फ यादों में बसा है 
सच्चाई तेरा दूर दूर तक कोई वास्ता ही नही 

सोचती हु 
क्या मैं भी तुझे इतना ही याद आती हूँ 
फिर लगता है 
क्या सिर्फ एक सपने को जी रही थी 
जोकि टूट कर बिखर चूका है 
क्या हम यूँ ही मिले थे 
हमारे मिलने कोई खास मक़्सद था

सोचती हु 

क्या मैं भी तुझे इतना ही याद आती हूँ 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ruthi hui hai tu

Ruthi hui hai tu,
Ek pal mein maanegi,
Dil se hamesha hai bacchi
Aye zindagi tu bhi,
Mere hi jaisi hai
Dikhti sayani, hai kacchi.
Bura mood leke
Baithi Kyun hai tu
Ungli meri, chal thaam le
Jahaan mai chaloon, wahin tu chale,
Jahaan tu chale, wahin mai chaloon...

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