Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Losing Dance Virginity

In my Post Dance a Dream, just a wish with lots of Deepika's pics, I have shared my hidden vicious desire of getting drunk & Dance. I shared that I wish I could break my Virginity for Dance ;). I am very, very happy to share with you all that I break this virginity in Adventure Island - Dholi Taaro Dandiya Night.



Oh, let me clear one thing that I was on fast that night because of Navratri, so I was not drunk at all. I have one more secret about getting drunk, I am a non- dancer and a shy personality as well, So I always believe that I can't dance without getting drunk. But I was wrong, and I actually enjoyed the Dance.



I just felt that I lost a shy city gal in that crowd of professional & non professional Dandiya Dancers. I just jumped into the ground of Dandiya, and thought for the few minutes that I could not able to dance here, I motivated myself and started joining the group already dancing there.



I danced for more than 2 hours and enjoyed a lot.

Great People.. Love You All :)