Friday, September 26, 2014

Dance a Dream, just a wish

Dance a Dream, just a wish, Dream with a vicious desire.

Dance a dream, a wish a small wish of my life, I tell you one thing that I never danced in my life and don't know how to dance, still I want to Dance. Somebody says Dance is shaking own hips, but for this one is also difficult. After reading this you must be thinking what a big deal, just close your room plug a music a loud and start shaking your legs, hips and whole body.

Oppeesss, I have a twist in this small wish, if I say something more you will say it’s a vicious desire of yours. Yes, you are right. I have this wish.

Yes, it’s a vicious desire, I have a vicious desire to drink and dance, dance till I get faint or get tired. STOP STOP STOP………… also in big groups where everyone is like me drunk and dancing. I think, it visualizes like a Discotheque. Yes, it’s a Discotheque.

Once I tried this with the help of my friend and her husband, but took a small shot of Vodka but because of my defense mechanism, it hasn’t worked on me. I was totally conscious and aware. So, I could not able break this virginity of Dance. ;)

I wish I could break this ever. I think these pics of Deepika resembles to my desire. 

Great People.. Love You All :)