Friday, June 06, 2014

Tea Time in Andhra Pradesh

I was a bit startled as my mobile alarm rang, it was already 6:30 am, and I opened my eyes and found myself in a Hotel room of Andhra Pradesh. I almost forgot that I had reached there last night and booked the room at the railway station itself, I often enjoy morning walks, the fresh morning air energizing all my senses. So I decided to go for a walk, out for a tea.

If I compare Delhi to Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, it’s still very green and near to water. Though the weather was quite humid as compared to Delhi but still I enjoy the mornings of Vijayawada. To enjoy this beautiful morning I went out of the hotel room in search of my favourite Masala Tea. I just wandered down the streets in search of any tea stall or any restaur
ant. Although a well-known city, Vijaywada still emits the essence of a rural freshness like enjoying the Mitti ki khusboo while walking those unkempt paths covered with shady trees laden with fresh green leaves.

What a fairy tale like situation, but just then… Oops!.. something interesting happening in the front of me. A couple is walking in front of me, this guy keeps on staring at me (as if I am an alien) and the girl is angrily asking him to turn away. But this guy keeps on staring even after her angrily gesture. Whenever he looks into my eyes I smile on him very naughtily. 

People staring at me like I'm an animal escaped out of any zoo. Then suddenly, I realized that I was not dressed according to their culture and also that they treat North Indians as we treat foreigners in Delhi. Frankly speaking I love this treatment; they make me feel like a celebrity for the day.
I found a small Tea stall. It was very small and consisted of just one table and two chairs. I could communicate with only one person there. As it was quite an early morning, no shop was ready to serve. They were preparing for the day. When I asked him for tea, he said shop was not ready yet but I could sit and wait in his stall. He assured me that he would prepare it soon. Aeeyyyyooo I think my attire worked here.

I asked him for one tea and realized that the cup was very small. After enjoying my first cup of MASALA TEA, I requested him for another. He seemed a bit surprised (don’t know why) so I left him contemplating and started enjoying my MASALA TEA.

For me, Masala tea is not just a tea but a cup of life. Whenever I take my tea each morning and evening, this creates a very personal time for me. To think about myself, this time I am only me. In the race of life, we forget to enjoy our own company. I think we should meet ourselves each day with a cup of coffee or tea or whatever we like. Pamper own self. Make special space & time for own self. 
This morning tea taken along with a breath of fresh and healthy air and a big SMILE readies me for the full day.I intend to turn this habit of mine into a family practice to be handed down to my grandsons/daughters.

I assure you that if you make a special time for yourself, you will feel much more happier during the whole day.

So start pampering.


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah! !! :-D
      I'm a masala tea girl. I love tea I can live without food but not without TEA

  2. Very nice..description of morning is very poetic n refreshing.actually ur writing refreshes mind like morning cool breeze.

    1. Thank you Deepankar
      Tarif karene k liye nahi.
      Comment krne k liye b :-D

  3. Very nice..description of morning is very poetic n refreshing.actually ur writing refreshes mind like morning cool breeze.

  4. Really dr ur morning tea is very refreshing to u ..its like a antivirus for ur body.. who kill ur sadness.. tiredness n weakness :)..n make u a sweet girl masala tea :p :) n very nice post ..:)

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    1. Anamika me always ready, chai k liye aur good company ke liye. :-) ♡♡♡♡

  6. Rare it is to come across a blog with such casualness with words. Nice! :-) but one this i would like to say about the way people looked at you. may be you are right but People might even think like this " OMG, look at the type of dress she is wearing. How can she." no offense dear and nor am i a negativity nancy :-/ , just that you cannot think everyone is going to think good about everything around them.
    Anyways, keep writing!
    Happy blogging!

    1. V. Archana,

      thanq for appreciating your unbiased feedback. I don't write to show my expertise in writing or please my reader, I think that reader of my blog are my friends and I can share any thing in any manner to my friends. I just share whatever I like to share.

      You are right at your point and I agree too. They must be thinking any thing it may be negative (Oh how ugly she is looking) :( or positive (Omg, What a beauty) :-D .
      but thing is I love the way they look at me, I dont judge what they think.

  7. Haha.. :D that's nice. Keep it up .. Keep blogging. Do visit my blog too. I don't blog very often though.

    1. Yaa Sure! I have bookmarked your blog in my mobile and PC too. :D
      I love reading blogs specially who share their thoughts. and I love comments


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