Monday, June 16, 2014

Galti se Galti ho gae

In the race of life, we encounter with so much experience which may sometime lead us to a lesson or sometime smile for whole life. Today I am sharing an experience which gave me both lesson and smile too.

Fun + Masti + Majak + Friendship + Affair + Break up + Assignments + Projects + Meeting new people + Boring lectures + Exams + Stupid PJs = College life.

For me also college life is as same for you all guys. Do you remember a song? Papa kehte hai ki beta bda nam karega..... lots of expectations from parents. Pressure of attending boring lectures (in which I almost slept each day).

In our university PC program, They make our schedule very hectic. Class starts from 8:30am in the morning and ends at 6pm in the evening with two assignments each day. We all have to follow this schedule without any excuse. I always tried to be on time not only in class, but also in assignments.

In the class there are so many people from different age groups, different races & different cultures. One fine morning, she entered into the classroom and grab the chair before me. She was very simple, wearing a punjabi salwar kamij and long hair.

Actually, I adore this kind of long hair, if I say that her long hair grab my attention, this would be a correct statement. As I liked her hair. I actually wished to talk to her. But she looks like South Indian. So I thought that she will not understand my Hindi. So I stopped. But I started talking about her hair with my friend.

Whenever I look at her or she comes into my sight, I started talking about her hair, our talk was like her hair is not original, she must be wearing any Wig. But it looks original. And you can't imagine she was always near me, and I never bothered about it, because I was damn sure that she would not understand Hindi.

It was day of exam. Again she was on sitting just before me. Me and my friend, left our breakfast because of confusion in timing. I was fighting with my friend for all this. And said I'm hungry. And suddenly, she gave us biscuits and mathiyan. I took them and started eating. That was the last day when I saw her.

When I came to home (Delhi), I started contacting those people I met in PCP. She started enjoying conversations with me. One day while texting, she sent me a text in Hindi. I was shocked. I was literally shocked. Then I asked her you know Hindi? She said "Tumhe to usi din samjh jana chahiye jab examhall me maine tumhe biscuits diye the.(you should understand the day, only when I offered you biscuits and mathiyan.)" OMG, it was just like the dialogue of Akshay Kumar in Namste London.

It was really very awkward moment of my life. But she was smiling. I get to know about my all foolish talks. I started thinking that she must have felt when I was talking about her hair. I shared this to my friends with whom, I usually discussed about her. They also reacted the same as I did. We all were in a same situation.

But today, when I dive in those memories, I always smile on my own fullish behavior. I realize that how I underestimated her and her patients to tolerate my behavior and still she offered me her snacks.

I think we all should learn to be cool and clam in any kind of situation.

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