Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Relations of life

Today morning I was talking to my friend, that time don't know why but I become so philosophical. I started telling him about our relationship. I was wondering that as he is just my FB friend, I have a good feeling for him. He is more than a friend for me, but in inverted commas "NOT A LOVER".

He always supported me unconditionally, whenever I felt down for any reason, he was there with me always to support. He never asked me a single question about anything, any situation. He never expect anything from me even he never expect that I will share each & everything with him as we are good friend so I should. He never expect that I will call him once in a day or I will revert on his each text or WhatsApp. There are so many other things which I can't write.

Don't know what name should I give to this relationship, but I am accepting it that it means to me. I think I have lots of relationships like this. 

 Part - 2: Coming soon.......... ;)
just wait ;)


  1. Very good... keep going... and really I very happy after reading this.

    To maintain a relation is very hard whatever it may be. But through our understanding and trust we can make it everlasting.

    All the relations in this life are spontaneous, and unforced.
    Lucky are they who have it and value it.

    Wish you best wishes ...

    ............... a person in searching.. its path..

  2. I'm the happiest man in this world dear. :)

  3. Its need talent to recognize a relationship and guts to talk about. Foremost we should not be afraid of talking truth.

  4. These are special relationships you cannot name and others will surely not understand about..lovely post..


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