Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Relations of life

Today morning I was talking to my friend, that time don't know why but I become so philosophical. I started telling him about our relationship. I was wondering that as he is just my FB friend, I have a good feeling for him. He is more than a friend for me, but in inverted commas "NOT A LOVER".

He always supported me unconditionally, whenever I felt down for any reason, he was there with me always to support. He never asked me a single question about anything, any situation. He never expect anything from me even he never expect that I will share each & everything with him as we are good friend so I should. He never expect that I will call him once in a day or I will revert on his each text or WhatsApp. There are so many other things which I can't write.

Don't know what name should I give to this relationship, but I am accepting it that it means to me. I think I have lots of relationships like this. 

 Part - 2: Coming soon.......... ;)
just wait ;)

Great People.. Love You All :)