Saturday, January 11, 2014

let my hair fly like dream

my hair flies with grace
Deep inside my heart, I always have a yearning for sea & it's untiring waves which seem to carry my senses to a level of ecstasy. May be because, The Sea does not like to be restrained. Which is so much like me or maybe to quote Cornelia Funke “The Sea always filled her with longing, though for what she was never sure.” Whenever I have an opportunity, I always visit beaches. 

A few months ago, I got a great chance to visit South India. This time, I decided to go Bird Sanctuary, it called with the name of Pichavaram located near Chidambaram in Cuddalore district Tamilnadu. I love this place, because it's a very peaceful not like other beaches full of crowd. As a very few people visit this place so it's very clean & beautiful. It is sort of untouched by the human race. Some fishermen come here to earn their daily bread.

wind makes my hair look perfect

The smell of salted water, the fresh air and the chirping of birds(of all sorts I mean migrants as well) all this things made this place so mesmerizing. We (group of 8 people including adolescents & adults) went there for about 3-4 hours. 

I love to play with the crashing waves of salty water running through my toes leaving a sandy trail behind and always enjoy it like a small child. This time, I hesitated a bit because my two other friends were not ready to go in sea water. Their main concern was their skin and hair. They were wondering if they go inside the water, hair will be damaged and etc.(all that beauty conscious Blah..Blah). It's not like I'm not a beauty conscious. They were also suggested me the same but who gives damn to their hair in the blissful abode of Nature. 

let hair fly like dream
I was not worried about my hair, because I know the secret of its right method of care. So, I suggested myself to live this moment of happiness, joy of wonder & the automatic peace which you ultimately feel once you are completely in water and I am always confident about my hair. I always feel its awesome moment when I stand at beach side and wind playing with my hair. It's amazing when my hair covers the face, giving a tickling sensation   

I jumped into the water; it seemed to wash away all the worries sorrows & uncertainties of my mind. It gave me the confidence that I could connect with my heart & my soul as well. So I made my moments memorable and let my hair fly like dream.  
let my hair fly like dream
let my hair fly like dream

 This post has been published by me as a part of the "Recharge your hair & Recharge your life" by IndiBlogger. So I have taken pictures from Fb page of Sunsilk Hair Experts

Picture courtesy : Sunsilk Hair Experts


  1. it's so beautiful post .....n last 1pic so much beautiful too...:)

    1. Thank you Ajay...That is my own pic, which was clicked on the same location which was described in blog.

  2. Very well penned down thoughts.
    Well chosen words indeed! :)

    1. Nikhil,
      Thanks for reading and appreciating,
      creadit goes to my friend Anamika.

  3. Wow. Be yourself and live your life every moment. Too good. :)

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