Sunday, January 05, 2014

a dream come true

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When Udita woke up that day, little did she have an idea that it was going to be the day with Arvin & it’s going to change her life forever. It has been three years since she has been dating him he always seemed to surprise him sometimes by his sweet caring nature, sometimes by his wise counsel. Maybe this was the reason why she fell in love with him but was afraid to admit due to her horrid past.

Whenever he wanted to come near her she sort of pushed him away telling that she didn’t require anybody. In reality it was her who was running away from herself. He called her up this time he sounded quiet serious “there is something which I need to confess, please jaldi aa jao.” Udita wondered what might be the reason he wanted her to be there so quickly.

She tried to blow dry her fresh coat of NAIL POLISH, she had just applied & cursed it when it just got wiped away by her dress in a hurry. In spite of being eager she took a few deep breathes and checked her reflection in the REARVIEW MIRROR as she always held pride in dressing up perfectly without a single strand of hair out of place.

She reached the destination of the church St. Peters where Arvin always went to pray before taking any important decisions of his life. It was very dark outside but she saw Arvin’s bike parked so went inside. the moment she entered the church there was lots of shouts & cries of noise she was taken back with surprise her family friends everyone was there she was taken aback when a there was a number of cries, hugs (it’s not even my birthday).

She wondered, but when she reached out there was Arvin waiting for her at the altar, with quiet somber expression on his face. He took her hands into his & knelt on the ground making her worse fears coming true “Udita I love you more than anything in this world please marry me” she gathered her courage.

It’s very difficult for a rape victim to start her life in a normal manner. Her eyes were full of tears Arvin got up slowly & asked her “Sunshine please let me love you whatever happened was not your fault” slowly she nodded her head Arvin face glow with happiness he kissed her forehead & whispered in her ear whether she liked the surprise. It was AWESOME, she smiled as for her in reality it was all like a dream come true.  


  1. I could feel that moment. Awesome. Congrats Udita n Arvin. :)

    1. Thank you so much for reading and writing this post.

  2. Replies
    1. Its my pleasure that you read and appreciate my post.

  3. (Y) always appreciate this.
    Is it a true story?

    1. Hey Pooja
      It's not a real story but a small fiction.

  4. Wow yr it's really awesome....

  5. woe... it's really vry nice yr..:)


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