Thursday, December 12, 2013

Friends I need

and so on...

From childhood, I used to be in search of excellent friendly relationship and its definition of affection. Sadly, I never found an honest definition of it in my whole life.

Recently, I came in touch of the one who taught ME a similar. Really, it’s an awfully lovely relation of the planet.

I desire, I want a friend for whom my each mistake is my first mistake. I will tell him/her each blunder with none guilt feeling, I never think twice before sharing my thought or any blunder, created by ME. He/she never judge ME for my blunder and acts.

He/she could pamper ME each day...Every night...Every time. I never have to be compelled to say something and that they perceive what and they express. After I create any mistake they hug ME and say its ok. For him/ her I'm like tiny baby however able to provide my area what I want.

Isn't it the correct definition of affection and friendship? If you can’t express yourself whole ahead of your friends than to whom you may express. If one can’t be real in front of friend then nobody would like any friend.

Life terribly huge, however I am very tiny, I am undecided concerning something.



  1. Amazing and really Awesome.... It touched the bottom of my heart and perhaps left a scratch over there...
    Truly well proclaimed the relationship of friendship...
    Well Articulate and executed in a certain manner so that one can easily get the story out of it....

    I have totally mesmerized with the flow of it and the purity which is hidden into it. I loved it a lot.

    I have no words to express my feeling about how i am feeling after reading it.... :)

    Even the very colorful wording disclose the hard work which you have put into it to make it a milestone of your writing skills and even what you want to express through this message to whomsoever you feel or want to be very close to you as a best friendship.


  2. Friendship is a beautiful relationship which can turn you into a better person.

  3. Friendship is really something that we all cherish the whole lifetime. Some friends are indeed rare & special :)


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