Monday, November 18, 2013

The beginning Of a love story

Hug (Photo credit: kevin dooley)
You were so close to me, I could feel your sweet smell around me, and I could clearly hear your heartbeat … loud n clear… filled with lots of passion and humanity. The warmth of your hug gave me a divine feeling.

It made me realize of my very existence… the ultimate fact that I was still ‘alive’ not just a bulk of flesh and blood… even I had a ‘heart’ which was semi-dead… I don’t know how exactly it happened and the next thing I knew was that I was in your arms. The moment itself was so mesmerizing.

The way you pulled me close to your heart… (Which was pounding so loudly as if it’s eager to tell me something- loud, rhythmic and clear…) You were holding me so tightly and warmly in your arms… as if trying to protect me from this harsh world.

Your strong arms, as if trying to support or rather supply some energy, some ‘life’ in my rather lifeless limp body. All the mental turmoil which I was going through ceased at once… the worries, thoughts, negative emotions all stopped…

I was so so peaceful. The care and concern, the pain in your eyes, respect, affection (love?) every emotion was displayed in the hug which you gave me… I don’t have the correct words, our sweet smell and your strong arms enveloping me… as if the blood flow grew stronger… the state of confusion whether I should hug you back or not ( darn! Those bloody thoughts of being ‘immoral’)… 

At last which I did [J] although it lasted the way your grip tightened a bit which showed your increased level of confidence.

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Hey Friends!

Please welcome my Very good friend who will also now write for this blog with the Pen name of Hope. This post is also her contribution.


Great People.. Love You All :)