Sunday, November 03, 2013

just a sunshine....

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Diwali.. The festival of light.. The evening of bringing light, hope and meaning to our light. Its 28 Oct again and while I am enjoying my favorite cup of tea after a hectic day; something inside me stirs.. And I contemplate.. Light in my life.. The moment of sunshine.

Yes it was 28th Oct of year 2011.. I have just completed my PG in psychology and was wondering about my career. I was gainfully employed.. But that sense of direction.. The meaning in life was missing. And then it happened as if  pre-decided.. As a divine blessing.. As an answer to my call. 

I heartfully thank my FB friend Ahmed who told me about this opening.. A post of coordinator in the IGNOU study center.. The sunshine in my life. I humbly grabbed the opportunity and there was no looking back. The job was demanding.. Taking lectures on weekends.. Administrative job on weekdays.. Just like principal of a school. But as they say "everything happens for a reason" it was a job that brought out the best of me.. Like I was in a state of Flow.. 

I pioneered many initiatives like preparing assignments to be given..organising practical classes.. Conducting practical exams.. Psychology was a new subject at IGNOU back then.. and hence very challenging.. But all the challenges became the step stones to my destiny.. My cherished goal.. A CEO of a company providing psychological services in and around Delhi & NCR.

Life gives us small gifts and that have the capacity to make your life upside down.. just like a small mud lamp can destroy all darkness.. that ray of sunshine removed all uncertainty and filled my life with purpose and joy. My life changed.. With just a sunshine. 

Happy Deepawali Friends!!!!!

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Great People.. Love You All :)