Monday, August 19, 2013

ms. world of my own world

Today I want to share a small event of yesterday evening, which make me happy not only for last day but also for today. Today I'm feeling as same as my heading is describing, yes I felt like I'm Ms. World. This event was very surprising for me and cause of my long smile. Then I thought the lyric writer said true in their song "Nain Nasheele Ho Agar Toh Surmey Ki Lod" from Fukrey

I'm not a beauty queen, I'm just beautiful me..

Yesterday I was walking over a street, and I was in so much hurry, and I was talking to my friend that I have to buy this and this. That time when I was busy with planning for my shopping list, two little girls came to me and told me "Didi you are looking very beautiful" and both were smiling. I respond to them, but a little surprised by this and started thinking that "what I did special today, so that they feel like." 

When I noticed about me I found that I haven't worn my eating and even my favorite Lip balm. My friend asked me "do you know them?" and when I said no then he was also surprised. 

Really this event made my day, and for sure I can't forget this evening. :)


  1. Nice post! Every girl is pretty in their own way... :)

    Lets follower each other if u like...

  2. Hey!! That was beautiful . You made your point very subtly. And I love Ambarsariya.

    1. Thank you dear, I also love Ambarsariya :) and I think these days this song is most played


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