Saturday, August 10, 2013

is there any freedom for girls????

Today I was just browsing images for my blog, I used a keyword 'freedom of a gal' and I found thousands of pictures there on, but in Actuals is there any freedom for girls???? 

I'm free bird....

A girl was called by his boss, and asked her to not to talk to a particular girl. When this raised a question "why she should stop talking to that girl" then answer came "because she filed a divorce and living separated from her family. So she is not a good example for  

Why this happens, just because she denied to being abused by her husband and living separately and independently in this male dominated society. 

If a girl accept to being abused by anyone then she is a Bechari abala nari, and if she denied then she is loose in character, nothing in between. 

Being a girl I want to be free, I want to spread my wings of success, wings of peacefulness and so on....I want right to get educated, right to choose my lifestyle, right to choose my aims, right to decide get married or not, right to choose my partner,  and so on... 

am I actually free?

Now my question is 
am I free?
When this kind of mentality will change?


  1. Are we truly free? The answer lie in yourself. Your as free as you let yourself be.

    1. Yes zaynab,
      You are right, the answer is within us.


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