Friday, August 02, 2013

I can say what I feel

I can say what I feel
I can jump from a hill
I can die if you wants
I can live by a chance

A chance which makes you mine
A chance which makes me shine

I'll shine like a sun to give you light

I'll keep you happy forever long life
As I know my love is true to you
I'll keep loving you like the way I do

I wanna say to those to stay away
who tries to take you from my way
I am mad in your love and all I shall do
till the time comes n' you'll love me too
my love never dies it grows day by day

I wants you to live in my heart n' forever stay
I'll do everything to making you mine
i'll break all the barriers and line
Only I wants and wants and wants
to get you forever by a chance..............!!!

This poem written by Mr. Suraj Seth (a fan of my fb page a gal in city ) 

Suraj Seth

Great People.. Love You All :)