Monday, August 19, 2013

ms. world of my own world

Today I want to share a small event of yesterday evening, which make me happy not only for last day but also for today. Today I'm feeling as same as my heading is describing, yes I felt like I'm Ms. World. This event was very surprising for me and cause of my long smile. Then I thought the lyric writer said true in their song "Nain Nasheele Ho Agar Toh Surmey Ki Lod" from Fukrey

I'm not a beauty queen, I'm just beautiful me..

Yesterday I was walking over a street, and I was in so much hurry, and I was talking to my friend that I have to buy this and this. That time when I was busy with planning for my shopping list, two little girls came to me and told me "Didi you are looking very beautiful" and both were smiling. I respond to them, but a little surprised by this and started thinking that "what I did special today, so that they feel like." 

When I noticed about me I found that I haven't worn my eating and even my favorite Lip balm. My friend asked me "do you know them?" and when I said no then he was also surprised. 

Really this event made my day, and for sure I can't forget this evening. :)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Numerology of your gal in city...

Today I have checked my numerology from and I found this you can also check yours with in 1 minutes. Here is mine with mu own comments. 

Psychic – 9

Destiny -5

You have a lot of energy in you and will excel in sports. You are hardworking and are very restless. You are a fighter and you fight to reach at the top. You are courageous and you love adventure. You are short tempered and are hot tempered from outside. You are like planet Mars that is red and fiery from outside and inside there is ice. You are hot from outside but sensitive and emotional from inside. The people who come in contact with you will generally see your hot temperament so you should control your temper a bit and try to be cool. You should direct your energies in the right direction. You are accident-prone and you should take care while riding bikes or driving a car. You should always avoid black and red colored vehicle. ( Oooppsss almost 100% correct, but I don't know about Black or Red Color, I have white.)

Your destiny number is very good. It makes you gentle, kind and have intuitive powers as well. You might make wealth through a lottery and inheritance as well. Your numbers say that you will get recognition in almost whatever you do. You might also become famous in a foreign land. A name number of 6 or 7 will do wonders for you. (Opps but I don't believe in Lottery)

Your Positive Qualities

a) Energetic
b) Hard working and determination
c) Courageous
d) Adventurous
e) Optimistic
f) Full of enthusiasm and inspiration
g) Sense of responsibility

Your Negative Qualities

a) Arrogant
b) Short tempered
c) Accident prone
d) Loss of blood
e) Aggressive
f) Over confident
g) Too many risks
h) Quarrelsome

(Above all correct)

Important years in life: 27th, 32nd, 36th, 41st, 45th and 50th

Professions Suited: Army, surgeons, chemist, iron and steel industry, manufacturers of metal goods, construction, police officers (Oops Psychology is not in list and I'm a Psychologist)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

is there any freedom for girls????

Today I was just browsing images for my blog, I used a keyword 'freedom of a gal' and I found thousands of pictures there on, but in Actuals is there any freedom for girls???? 

I'm free bird....

A girl was called by his boss, and asked her to not to talk to a particular girl. When this raised a question "why she should stop talking to that girl" then answer came "because she filed a divorce and living separated from her family. So she is not a good example for  

Why this happens, just because she denied to being abused by her husband and living separately and independently in this male dominated society. 

If a girl accept to being abused by anyone then she is a Bechari abala nari, and if she denied then she is loose in character, nothing in between. 

Being a girl I want to be free, I want to spread my wings of success, wings of peacefulness and so on....I want right to get educated, right to choose my lifestyle, right to choose my aims, right to decide get married or not, right to choose my partner,  and so on... 

am I actually free?

Now my question is 
am I free?
When this kind of mentality will change?

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

पढती हूँ किताब, लिखती हूँ ख्याल

पढती हूँ किताब, लिखती हूँ ख्याल
देखती हूँ सपने, उड़ती हूँ ख्यालों में,
ना समझना इसे कोई कविता,
ये सिर्फ हैं मेरे ख्याल,
मात्र हैं ये कुछ पंक्तियाँ

पढती हूँ किताब, लिखती हूँ ख्याल
रेत पर चतली हूँ, कुछ सपने बुनती हूँ
सोचती हूँ ये खुशियाँ ठहर जाये मेरे साथ
पर ख्याल आता है रेत  नहीं रुकता हाथ में
तो कैसे रुकेंगी ये खुशियाँ

पढती हूँ किताब, लिखती हूँ ख्याल
कॉफ़ी कम , मसाला चाय ज्यादा पीना पसंद करती हूँ 
सुबह की चाय मेरे लिए मैडिटेशन है.
लम्बे और बिखरे बाल रखती हूँ 
बहुत बातें करती हूँ 

पढती हूँ किताब, लिखती हूँ ख्याल
बहुत  घुमाना पसन्द करती हूँ.
बहुत हँसना पसन्द करती हूँ.
कभी ख्यालों में सपने बुनती हूँ 
कभी उन सपनों को पाने की कोशीश करती हूँ 

पढती हूँ किताब, लिखती हूँ ख्याल
देखती हूँ सपने, उड़ती हूँ ख्यालों में, 

Friday, August 02, 2013

I can say what I feel

I can say what I feel
I can jump from a hill
I can die if you wants
I can live by a chance

A chance which makes you mine
A chance which makes me shine

I'll shine like a sun to give you light

I'll keep you happy forever long life
As I know my love is true to you
I'll keep loving you like the way I do

I wanna say to those to stay away
who tries to take you from my way
I am mad in your love and all I shall do
till the time comes n' you'll love me too
my love never dies it grows day by day

I wants you to live in my heart n' forever stay
I'll do everything to making you mine
i'll break all the barriers and line
Only I wants and wants and wants
to get you forever by a chance..............!!!

This poem written by Mr. Suraj Seth (a fan of my fb page a gal in city ) 

Suraj Seth

Great People.. Love You All :)