Sunday, April 21, 2013

my confession

As you all know 1st April is April-fools day, but I celebrated it in the end of the month. I planed it very well and  in advance. I was having clear picture in my mind but I dint got the perfect situation to execute. 

Last evening, I got the chance and wonderful situation. In the evening at 07:00 pm he dropped me in the nearest market from my home. I was going to my home, then suddenly one thought clicked my mind and I called one of my colleague Mohit. I asked him to call my friend Ajay, and tell him that "a girl met with an accident, her leg got injured and I got your number from her last called detail and give my description, and the location". He called him and said the whole thing which I instructed.

This idea worked, :) and he came to said location. I have hidden myself from him, and observing him from far away. When he didn't found me on location, he started calling me. I picked his call and describe the location he came to there, I was sitting on stairs of a locked house. Earlier I thought that I will shout that "Its April fool day" but when I said that I made him fool, he dint believe my words. He started staring at legs and my whole body with the thought that where I got injured. This was time when I actually felt very good about him and myself that "How much he care for me & I am very lucky to have these kind of people around me." Then I dint said truth to him and started enjoying his care and concern. He helped me to sit in his car and he was taking me to hospital, then I requested him. 

Next morning he got to know the truth from my mobile. :). Yes this is no more confession at all, before telling him I wrote it on one of confession page as my "confession" so I gave this post's name "MY CONFESSION".  


  1. after read this confession i feeling very good, one line impressed me of this confession..."when I actually felt very good about him and myself that "How much he care for me & I am very lucky to have these kind of people around me."...a very nice confession of this blog...:))

    1. Thank you Ajay..I know this is no more confession now, as I know you know it already know this.... :)

  2. Yes you are right....i know well it...:)

  3. Hi,
    This is my first blog post, thought of sharing with you and ur follwers. Please have a read


  4. Nice Blog Love it dear :)
    Following you


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