Monday, December 30, 2013

Breaking news

Breaking news

दिल्ली के कई जिलों में भारी बारिश होने के कारण जबरदस्त ठण्ड बढ गयी।
लोगो ने अपनी ठण्ड से छुटकारा पाने के लिए आग का सहारा लिया। ये  थी इस ठण्ड की पहली आग।

Achievement of the year 2013

New year is about to come and my most of friends are ready with their new years resolutions and I do believe in resolutions and achievements counts. So, I'm ready with my last years blessing achievements and downfalls.  
  • + Read new books + not more then previous year
  • + Applied Law of attraction in regular life

  • + Became company owner
  • + Owned a Two Wheeler
  • + Made few new friends
  • + Traveled such a lot of places
  • + Got RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India) certificate

  • + Jumped in new challenging Career
  • + Appointed five interns underneath me
  • + Played with life, got some injuries this year :(
  • + Spend such a lot of sleepless nights.
  • + Bring pets reception
  • + Became completely independent
  • + Lose some friends
  • + Able to maintain few extreme old friends
  • + Fallen in LOVE

  • + Cried, thanks to few friends
  • + Challenged societies norm.
  • + Became a lot of resistant.
  • + Did multi tasking with failure
  • + Learned bike riding
  • + Spent a huge money on Indian Sarees
  • + Gained weight, became more chubby.

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

10 things that I want to do before I die.....

Hey friends, a couple of months ago, I have shared a life list on this blog. Today I thought to share my another life list but off course a shorter one ;). Actually I believe in the law of attraction, so I always practice it for me personally and today I thought to do it publicly.  Law of attraction says that you get what you think you deserve. 

Do you remember the famous dialogue of Shahrukh Khan from Om Shaznti Om???? It was like "jab aap kisi ko puri shiddat se chahte ho to, puri kaynat aapko usse milane me jut jati hai."  
Yeah!!!!  This is 100% true. So, dream big and take the charge of your dreams and never doubt in your dream. Have faith in it will come to you. So, here I'm making my list and definitely it will come to me.
  1. Bungee jumping/River Rafting: I have tried so many times but not successful at it. I planned this trip many times but never went. 
  2. Want to date Terence Lewis: ;) Do you remember him, oops. Ok do you watch Nach Baliye, he has judged there, He is choreographer. Yeah, that one. I really want to date Terence. I love his move his dance.  
  3. Want to do Salsa Dance with Terence Lewis because I am dying heart fan of him. 
  4. Visit Gangtok. Gangtok is a bustling, friendly hill station, and the capital of the Himalayan state of Sikkim. I really want to visit Gangtok and do trekking.
  5. Visit Darjeeling: my grandfather was there before his death, and told me many stories about Darjeeling, this is the only reason to visit Darjeeling.
  6. Publish a book
  7. Publish an ebook
  8. Learn to swim so that I can swim in the ocean.
  9. Learn to play guitar 
  10. Wants to eat octopus with Vodka shots.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

ढूंढती तुम्हे यहाँ वहां

कहाँ हो तुम ए प्रिय...नजरे ढूढती तुम्हें यहाँ वहां
सन्नाटो के सरगम में या अपने ह्रदय की धधकन में....

देखती हु मै और पाती भी, पर दिल को क्यों समझाती भी
तुम दूर हो मुझसे या यहीं कहीं, खोज रही हु पर मिलते नहीं

तुम अलग हो मुझसे या मुझमे हो, आँसुओ में या गीतों में हो

जहाँ भी हो मै समझ जाती हु, आंखे बंद करते ही तुमसे जुड़ जाती हु

अपना ह्रदय तुम्हे दे दिया है या आत्मा का व्यापार हुआ है

कहते है ये दुनिया वाले

मुझे शायद प्यार हुआ है जुडी हु तुमसे यूँ कि जैसे जन्मो की साथी हु

इसलिये तुमसे दूर यूँ लगता है जैसे आधी हूँ आँखों में आँखे डाल जब तुम यूँ मुस्कुराते थे
Image - 3

तुम्हारी आँखों क झीलों में ना जाने कितने गोते लगाये थे, तुमसे नही पता था अल्हड़ मस्त मै अधूरी हूँ

उन बाहों में लिपटते ही ये जान लिया मै पूरी हूँ, उन लबों के खुश्क नरमी का गवाह है सारा जहान

अब आ भी जाओ पास मेरे, ढूढती तुम्हे यहाँ वहां

Image - 4

Deepankar Banerjee
Writer Intro
This post was written by Deepankar Banerjeea certified psychologist and really sensible poet. Deepankar continuously writes in his personal diary, today I got the possibility to steal his literary composition and post it here because he write this keep ME in his mind. He never published any post earlier.

Other Special Thanks to:
Special thanks to  my loving brother Arvind Sharma for Image-1, my friend Sudhanshu K Saxena for Image-3 and Ajay Sharma for Image-4 and last but not least Image-2 was selected by a gal in city.   

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Friends I need

and so on...

From childhood, I used to be in search of excellent friendly relationship and its definition of affection. Sadly, I never found an honest definition of it in my whole life.

Recently, I came in touch of the one who taught ME a similar. Really, it’s an awfully lovely relation of the planet.

I desire, I want a friend for whom my each mistake is my first mistake. I will tell him/her each blunder with none guilt feeling, I never think twice before sharing my thought or any blunder, created by ME. He/she never judge ME for my blunder and acts.

He/she could pamper ME each day...Every night...Every time. I never have to be compelled to say something and that they perceive what and they express. After I create any mistake they hug ME and say its ok. For him/ her I'm like tiny baby however able to provide my area what I want.

Isn't it the correct definition of affection and friendship? If you can’t express yourself whole ahead of your friends than to whom you may express. If one can’t be real in front of friend then nobody would like any friend.

Life terribly huge, however I am very tiny, I am undecided concerning something.


Monday, December 09, 2013

काश.... ये काश ना होता..

काश.... ये काश ना होता..
ऐसा कोई अल्फ़ाज़ ना होता

सच होते सपने सारे
काश.... ये काश ना होता

सच होते सपने सारे
अधूरे सपनो का कोई राज़ ना होता

समय यूँ हाथ से ना निकलता
रेत सा ना फिसलता

कर लेते सब कुछ जो चाहा
ना कर पाए ऐसा कोई काम ना होता

काश..... ये काश ना होता है
ऐसा कोई अल्फ़ाज़ ना होता

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

क्या था ये एहसास.. क्या था ये कुछ खास...

कुछ अलग सा था, कुछ खास, कुछ अलग
कुछ नया, कुछ खुशनुमा,
क्या था ये कुछ कुछ??
शायद प्यार, शायद लगाव

शायद कोई इंसान, शायद कोई दोस्त
क्या था ये एहसास?
क्या था ये कुछ खास?

लग रहा था जैसे देख रही हूँ सपना
जिसमे मैं राजकुमारी, बाकी सब की खास,
मेरा मुस्कुराना जैसे सबके मुस्कुराने का कारण हो.
ऐसा शायद सिर्फ़ मुझे महसूस हो रहा था,
आख़िर क्या था ये एहसास?
मैं सातवें आसमान पर महसूस कर रही थी.
बिना पंख के ही उड़ रही थी.

समुद्र की लहरें जैसे मेरे दिल की तरह हिलोरें मार रही थी.
जैसे मेरे चंचल दिल की तरह अटखलियान ले रहा हो.
क्या था ये एहसास?
क्या था ये कुछ खास?
ये था शायद सिर्फ़ और सिर्फ़ प्यार
ये था शायद सिर्फ़ और सिर्फ़ प्यार

Monday, November 18, 2013

The beginning Of a love story

Hug (Photo credit: kevin dooley)
You were so close to me, I could feel your sweet smell around me, and I could clearly hear your heartbeat … loud n clear… filled with lots of passion and humanity. The warmth of your hug gave me a divine feeling.

It made me realize of my very existence… the ultimate fact that I was still ‘alive’ not just a bulk of flesh and blood… even I had a ‘heart’ which was semi-dead… I don’t know how exactly it happened and the next thing I knew was that I was in your arms. The moment itself was so mesmerizing.

The way you pulled me close to your heart… (Which was pounding so loudly as if it’s eager to tell me something- loud, rhythmic and clear…) You were holding me so tightly and warmly in your arms… as if trying to protect me from this harsh world.

Your strong arms, as if trying to support or rather supply some energy, some ‘life’ in my rather lifeless limp body. All the mental turmoil which I was going through ceased at once… the worries, thoughts, negative emotions all stopped…

I was so so peaceful. The care and concern, the pain in your eyes, respect, affection (love?) every emotion was displayed in the hug which you gave me… I don’t have the correct words, our sweet smell and your strong arms enveloping me… as if the blood flow grew stronger… the state of confusion whether I should hug you back or not ( darn! Those bloody thoughts of being ‘immoral’)… 

At last which I did [J] although it lasted the way your grip tightened a bit which showed your increased level of confidence.

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Hey Friends!

Please welcome my Very good friend who will also now write for this blog with the Pen name of Hope. This post is also her contribution.


Sunday, November 03, 2013

just a sunshine....

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 43; the forty-third edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The theme for the month is "LIGHT"

Diwali.. The festival of light.. The evening of bringing light, hope and meaning to our light. Its 28 Oct again and while I am enjoying my favorite cup of tea after a hectic day; something inside me stirs.. And I contemplate.. Light in my life.. The moment of sunshine.

Yes it was 28th Oct of year 2011.. I have just completed my PG in psychology and was wondering about my career. I was gainfully employed.. But that sense of direction.. The meaning in life was missing. And then it happened as if  pre-decided.. As a divine blessing.. As an answer to my call. 

I heartfully thank my FB friend Ahmed who told me about this opening.. A post of coordinator in the IGNOU study center.. The sunshine in my life. I humbly grabbed the opportunity and there was no looking back. The job was demanding.. Taking lectures on weekends.. Administrative job on weekdays.. Just like principal of a school. But as they say "everything happens for a reason" it was a job that brought out the best of me.. Like I was in a state of Flow.. 

I pioneered many initiatives like preparing assignments to be given..organising practical classes.. Conducting practical exams.. Psychology was a new subject at IGNOU back then.. and hence very challenging.. But all the challenges became the step stones to my destiny.. My cherished goal.. A CEO of a company providing psychological services in and around Delhi & NCR.

Life gives us small gifts and that have the capacity to make your life upside down.. just like a small mud lamp can destroy all darkness.. that ray of sunshine removed all uncertainty and filled my life with purpose and joy. My life changed.. With just a sunshine. 

Happy Deepawali Friends!!!!!

The fellow Blog-a-Tonics who took part in this Blog-a-Ton and links to their respective posts can be checked here. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. Participation Count: 02.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Winters started in Delhi

One beautiful morning, I started for office very early. I saw another beautiful thing. Can you in this pic?

Ok !!!! Listen ..... See through my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!

Just look at this picture! See no more traffic............. No rush........
And the most beautiful thing is the fog yes 1st Fog of this season.

All you know that Delhi is known for its coolest winters and heavy Fog.
I succeed in capturing 1st Fog of Delhi.

Isn't it amazing???? 

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Friday, September 27, 2013

तन्हा अक़ेली चल रही थी

तन्हा अक़ेली चल रही थी
उन राहों पर जहाँ कोई अपना 
ना दिखता था,

राहें ऐसी जिसमे सिर्फ़
तूफान और ब्वन्डर 
ही दिखते थे,

सोचती थी रुक कर अक्सर,
कभी गिरी अगर तो,
कौन मुझे संभालेगा.

सोचती थी रुक कर अक्सर,
कभी रास्ता ना दिखा तो,
कौन मुझे दिखाएगा

जिंदगी की भीड़ मे भी
अक्सर तन्हा हो जाती
पर कुछ साँझ नही पा

आख़िर वो दिन आया
ठोकर लगी
पैर डगमगया

डर तो गई बहुत,
और हुई 
आँखें बन्द,

आँखें खुली तो
दिल मुस्कुराया

मंज़र था कुछ यों

मेरी छोटी हथेलियों
को जाने कितने 
हाथों ने पकड़ा था

ये देख दिल मुस्कुराया
और मुझे समझाया
फिकर थी तेरी बस
ऐसे ही,

तूने ना जाने कितने हाथ पाए

ना अब मैने कभी 
अपने को तन्हा पाया
दिल ने मुझे बहुत समझाया

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

कितने ख्याल, कितनी बातें

कितने ख्याल, कितनी बातें दिल मे दबाए बैठी हूँ,
जैसे कोई तूफ़ान छुपाए बैठी हूँ

क्या ख़्याल, क्या बातें, कितनी कहानियाँ, कितने किस्से,
सभी को एक माले मे पिरोए बैठी हूँ

एक एक मोती मे एक एक किस्से
लगता है तुझे इस माले मे संजोय बैठी हूँ

क्या चाहती हू तुझसे नही जानती
पर तुझे अपने सपने मे संजोय बैठी हूँ

तेरा नाम जपु एक जोगन सी
एक उम्मीद तुझमे संजोय बैठी हूँ

सुनेगा किसी दिन इस उम्मीद को
बस इसी उम्मीद को संजोय बैठी हू

कितने ख्याल, कितनी बातें दिल मे दबाए बैठी हूँ,
जैसे कोई तूफ़ान छुपाए बैठी हूँ

इतने किस्से इतनी कहानियाँ, तू इन सब मे तो है
पर क्यू मेरे साथ नही है, फिर क्यू तुझे मैं संजोय बैठी हूँ

क्यूँ तू साथ हो कर भी साथ नही है
क्यू तेरे ख़यालों से परे कोई बात नही है

क्यू तेरे ख्याल ही मेरे साथ,
क्यू तू मेरे साथ नही है

थोडा वक़्त निकल मेरे लिए भी
चल तुझे ले चलूं एक दूसरी ही दुनिया मे

जहाँ है ना जाने कितनी ही तेरी कहानियाँ
तेरे कितने ही किस्से, ना जाने कितने ही सपने

कितने ख्याल, कितनी बातें दिल मे दबाए बैठी हूँ,
जैसे कोई तूफ़ान छुपाए बैठी हूँ

Monday, August 19, 2013

ms. world of my own world

Today I want to share a small event of yesterday evening, which make me happy not only for last day but also for today. Today I'm feeling as same as my heading is describing, yes I felt like I'm Ms. World. This event was very surprising for me and cause of my long smile. Then I thought the lyric writer said true in their song "Nain Nasheele Ho Agar Toh Surmey Ki Lod" from Fukrey

I'm not a beauty queen, I'm just beautiful me..

Yesterday I was walking over a street, and I was in so much hurry, and I was talking to my friend that I have to buy this and this. That time when I was busy with planning for my shopping list, two little girls came to me and told me "Didi you are looking very beautiful" and both were smiling. I respond to them, but a little surprised by this and started thinking that "what I did special today, so that they feel like." 

When I noticed about me I found that I haven't worn my eating and even my favorite Lip balm. My friend asked me "do you know them?" and when I said no then he was also surprised. 

Really this event made my day, and for sure I can't forget this evening. :)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Numerology of your gal in city...

Today I have checked my numerology from and I found this you can also check yours with in 1 minutes. Here is mine with mu own comments. 

Psychic – 9

Destiny -5

You have a lot of energy in you and will excel in sports. You are hardworking and are very restless. You are a fighter and you fight to reach at the top. You are courageous and you love adventure. You are short tempered and are hot tempered from outside. You are like planet Mars that is red and fiery from outside and inside there is ice. You are hot from outside but sensitive and emotional from inside. The people who come in contact with you will generally see your hot temperament so you should control your temper a bit and try to be cool. You should direct your energies in the right direction. You are accident-prone and you should take care while riding bikes or driving a car. You should always avoid black and red colored vehicle. ( Oooppsss almost 100% correct, but I don't know about Black or Red Color, I have white.)

Your destiny number is very good. It makes you gentle, kind and have intuitive powers as well. You might make wealth through a lottery and inheritance as well. Your numbers say that you will get recognition in almost whatever you do. You might also become famous in a foreign land. A name number of 6 or 7 will do wonders for you. (Opps but I don't believe in Lottery)

Your Positive Qualities

a) Energetic
b) Hard working and determination
c) Courageous
d) Adventurous
e) Optimistic
f) Full of enthusiasm and inspiration
g) Sense of responsibility

Your Negative Qualities

a) Arrogant
b) Short tempered
c) Accident prone
d) Loss of blood
e) Aggressive
f) Over confident
g) Too many risks
h) Quarrelsome

(Above all correct)

Important years in life: 27th, 32nd, 36th, 41st, 45th and 50th

Professions Suited: Army, surgeons, chemist, iron and steel industry, manufacturers of metal goods, construction, police officers (Oops Psychology is not in list and I'm a Psychologist)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

is there any freedom for girls????

Today I was just browsing images for my blog, I used a keyword 'freedom of a gal' and I found thousands of pictures there on, but in Actuals is there any freedom for girls???? 

I'm free bird....

A girl was called by his boss, and asked her to not to talk to a particular girl. When this raised a question "why she should stop talking to that girl" then answer came "because she filed a divorce and living separated from her family. So she is not a good example for  

Why this happens, just because she denied to being abused by her husband and living separately and independently in this male dominated society. 

If a girl accept to being abused by anyone then she is a Bechari abala nari, and if she denied then she is loose in character, nothing in between. 

Being a girl I want to be free, I want to spread my wings of success, wings of peacefulness and so on....I want right to get educated, right to choose my lifestyle, right to choose my aims, right to decide get married or not, right to choose my partner,  and so on... 

am I actually free?

Now my question is 
am I free?
When this kind of mentality will change?

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

पढती हूँ किताब, लिखती हूँ ख्याल

पढती हूँ किताब, लिखती हूँ ख्याल
देखती हूँ सपने, उड़ती हूँ ख्यालों में,
ना समझना इसे कोई कविता,
ये सिर्फ हैं मेरे ख्याल,
मात्र हैं ये कुछ पंक्तियाँ

पढती हूँ किताब, लिखती हूँ ख्याल
रेत पर चतली हूँ, कुछ सपने बुनती हूँ
सोचती हूँ ये खुशियाँ ठहर जाये मेरे साथ
पर ख्याल आता है रेत  नहीं रुकता हाथ में
तो कैसे रुकेंगी ये खुशियाँ

पढती हूँ किताब, लिखती हूँ ख्याल
कॉफ़ी कम , मसाला चाय ज्यादा पीना पसंद करती हूँ 
सुबह की चाय मेरे लिए मैडिटेशन है.
लम्बे और बिखरे बाल रखती हूँ 
बहुत बातें करती हूँ 

पढती हूँ किताब, लिखती हूँ ख्याल
बहुत  घुमाना पसन्द करती हूँ.
बहुत हँसना पसन्द करती हूँ.
कभी ख्यालों में सपने बुनती हूँ 
कभी उन सपनों को पाने की कोशीश करती हूँ 

पढती हूँ किताब, लिखती हूँ ख्याल
देखती हूँ सपने, उड़ती हूँ ख्यालों में, 

Friday, August 02, 2013

I can say what I feel

I can say what I feel
I can jump from a hill
I can die if you wants
I can live by a chance

A chance which makes you mine
A chance which makes me shine

I'll shine like a sun to give you light

I'll keep you happy forever long life
As I know my love is true to you
I'll keep loving you like the way I do

I wanna say to those to stay away
who tries to take you from my way
I am mad in your love and all I shall do
till the time comes n' you'll love me too
my love never dies it grows day by day

I wants you to live in my heart n' forever stay
I'll do everything to making you mine
i'll break all the barriers and line
Only I wants and wants and wants
to get you forever by a chance..............!!!

This poem written by Mr. Suraj Seth (a fan of my fb page a gal in city ) 

Suraj Seth

Monday, July 29, 2013

My 1st bike drive...

Yesterday I saw a girl, who was driving Scooty and suddenly she lost her balance and met with a small accident and this accidental sound caught my attention. This event took me to another event of my life… Yeah!!!! I can’t say it was big, no… it was very small but I am sharing it because somewhere I feel like all these events make my life alive and cheerfully…

I always had a desire to drive a bike with huge speed and just because I don’t have it I dint did earlier… but this desire was increasing day by day and one day I got a chance. That time I was working in a company and a few colleagues were my good friends too…

It was very cool morning of a January month of Delhi. That morning we (me, Neelam and Lalit) reached the office before time. Lalit had a bike so that day after watching his bike, I got a clue that I can drive bike today only… I requested him that can I drive his bike and on the other hand I don’t know how to drive it…. That means he has to train me also… Finally after the big conversation he agreed. I thought, Oh!!! I have completed my half task for a 1st bike drive…

We started for that drive, we went out and he gave me a few instructions like how to handle bike I heard it every carefully, yea I was alert and at the same time I was scared…. I tried a lot but could not able to start the bike it was very heavy … finally after lots of tries I started now I was happy again… I drove it for half kilometer approx and suddenly Lalit said to take a “U” turn that sudden sound makes me conscious and I hit another standing bike Oh God!!! What I did?

We were thinking how to handle the situation and he was scolding me and the person comes whose bike we hit not “we” actually I hit… He scolds us for our irresponsible behavior. Lalit said sorry to him on my behalf and explained that she is trying to drive it for the 1st time… he scold him again and said “Why you are blaming the girl? You don’t have brakes on your bike.” We were totally surprised about his statement but we kept silence. Our silence works and he left the place and I started biking and drive it again for office..

It was the whole experience of my 1st bike drive….

Great People.. Love You All :)