Saturday, December 22, 2012

ツ ♥ Poetry~Reflection of my feelings ♥ ツ: Voice of raped victim

They tore my body
my pain was their pleasure 
the trauma I went through, 
can anyone measure? 

They not only destroyed my body 
but also my soul 
that holds all my dreams 
and my each and every goal 

Can they give myself 
back to me again? 
restore and repair 
put back everything as same? 

I'm raped if I wear skirt, I'm raped if I wear sari 
I'm raped if I wear gown, I'm raped if I wear jeans pant 
I'm raped at anytime, I'm raped at any place 
I'm raped if I'm old woman, woman, teenage girl or even an infant 

I'm raped physically 
those wounds still didn't heal 
society also raped me, but emotionally, 
these verbal scars, to whom shall I reveal? 

Two faced society 
protests high, just show offs in public 
and when they are back home, removing their fake masks 
contradicts each word they said outside, so sick!! 

I'm raped by my Dad 
when my Mom wasn't around 
I was blackmailed to keep it a secret, and warned 
on this there shouldn't be any sound 

I'm raped by my husband 
nobody came to my rescue 
even when I screamed and cried with pain 
"There is nothing wrong in it!" was their view 

I'm raped by my teacher 
when he took me to the dark room 
If I've opened my mouth anywhere, 
threatened me that he would fail me soon 

Mother in prostitution 
sold me for money 
Motherhood died the moment, 
she used me for penny 

When the crime was yours 
Why should I feel like filth? 
When the crime was yours 
Why should I bear guilt? 

Mind you! Mind you!! 
I am strong, I am stronger than you believe, No!, assume not I am weak! 
for I am fighting against this cruel and mean world 
struggling yet fighting, though I don't get the support and justice I seek! 

I'm not owning it...and I'm not the creator of this poem but I very good Blogger "Shri Valli" has created this, I'm just re-posting on my blog....


  1. I read it there too and it is a hard hitting poem


  2. Strong message here...Love Valli's poems!
    Prayers for a speedy recovery and a mighty foothold of the strong girl.
    Thanks for dropping by.


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