Sunday, September 02, 2012

City girl in Europe

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Last week I went to meet my friend Vangelis who is a European guy, I met him in Delhi while attending one of my workshops. After that workshop he went to Thailand for another workshop. He came to Delhi last week only, and asked me to meet for a coffee.

As our plan we met at Khan Market Metro station, I saw him from back side he was in red top and green lower (very different type of dressing :)) and the coincident was I was also in same color. I wearied red kurti, green payjami with green duppta I dint noticed that but he noticed and said this to me. After that we went to a European restaurant and I was new in this kind of environment. I was lots of thoughts that “can able to adjust in this kind of atmosphere where alcohol and other drinks were serving like normal cold drinks and etc.”

Still I was with him and observing everything there, I can see lots of Europeans there, I was thinking like I am in between Strangers in the Night or I am not in India but in Europe. Their culture was very different from me, few Indians were also there but also modified like Europeans and these Indians and European were looking me like I was an escaped animal of a zoo just because of I was not fitting in the atmosphere, I was in fully in Indian traditional style and they all are in western.

There I met with his two friends also, they were waiting for him. One is a girl and another is boy. Girl was totally white and boy was also same but boy had long hair till his shoulder. They were talking and I was just observing the atmosphere and culture of western country. Boy was smoking continuously as well as drinking pomegranate juice regularly. I observed that both girl and boy were giving lots of face gestures while talking but in India especially male doesn’t do that.

Then I saw an Indian girl who was sitting alone in a corner and having a big cup of cold coffee and having a cigarette in her left hand and she was writing something in her big diary but she was the only girl who was in Indian style dress other than me.

In this entire situation we had our coffee as well as dinner also. He was busy in talking with her and mean while he introduced me to them and some time talking to me also. Like that my coffee meet it’s end with Strangers in the Night and he dropped me at khan market metro station. I was feeling like finally I came to India again.

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