Sunday, August 26, 2012

What makes you happy ….

First of all I want to apologize for not being regular for writing at least I should write it twice a week but I could not.  I am very irregular on it just because I am very much focused on my career planning, as you all know I am a mental health counselor but know I want to work under some experienced counselors for some time for great confidence in me.

I tells you a story of me (very small), Once I was travelling by bus and don’t get seat. A girl offered to share her seat with me and I was listening music on my Ipod so I put my one headphone to her ear and she smiled. After few days I forget that girl but she met me again last month and she talked to me and that day I felt very good.

Many times you have listened the saying “we should enjoy each moment of our life “but we don’t know how we enjoy all small events of life. You can enjoy each day of your life if starts noticing your daily activity positively. Notice when you feel good (even for small activity) and try to remember it for at least for full day and I promise it will make your day wonderful.

Few days  back I had posted a  status "What makes you happy??" and you can read what I got in response. Every bodies desire is different. Some asked for money, for girl friends and some for career and friends.


Following are my list which makes my day happy:
  • +        When you smile to unknown person and he/she give it back.
  • +        A small talk with a close friend (although I know u never have small talk with close friend).
  • +        Even a talk with unknown in bus/metro or any public transport.
  • +        Listening your favorite music in office ;)
  • +        A small cup of tea/coffee with a friend for no reason.
  • +        Compliment by your boss
  • +        Feeling of happiness for no reason (like today I m feeling happy for no reason ;) )
  • +        When you are missing someone and suddenly get a call from same person.
  • +        Buy a gift for relatives/friends or for someone special (it can be small also or making it would be best)
  • +        Feeling of fallen in love (it could be self love also).
  • +        Going from somewhere to anywhere without any reason without asking anyone. 

These are my list now you can make yours too.. now its your turn.. in my comment box you can share your list it can help me and other readers to make their new list. J

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Birthday Means....

My Birthday really means 

Yuhhuuu !!!!! I just found out what I just found out what my birthday really means! ! and I love this...
yup its really explains exactly what I am... 
you can also check yours by clicking 

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

I'm angry with myself.

I don't know what to say. I'm angry with myself. I'm angry because I want to tell you so many things, I want to share with you my every thought but I know I can't. When I started to write this blog I was a blogging virgin, I had no idea what to do and for how long I will write. I had no idea of creating myself, neither of promoting my blog. I just knew I need to rid off couple of really bad emotions. Here I am 6 months later and I regret that I wasn't smarter and didn't think that I might adore blogging.
Today I wanted to tell you about my feelings and about some people in my life but I can't just because I am afraid that someone might read this post. Now I speak up my mind at some one's blog as commenting it. That's not what I wanted and what I want.

I should have been smarter and I should have used a completely new nickname, but I haven't been. I have never thought that I will have to think of what I can post and what I can't, but I know it's my fault and the only person I can blame for is me.

I love this blog, I love its look and I adore my blog which let me to express my feelings that I kept inside of me for a long time. I started to wonder that it wouldn't be such a bad idea of creating another blog just for me - anonymous me. The problem is the TIME. I can't have so many blogs and be active on each of them.
Just because I don't know what to tell you more...I attached this beautiful photos.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Simple steps transform your life............

Simple steps on how to transform your mind and be positive all the time 

We all have the same brain, face problems in life, and come across obstacles and hurdles. Then why is that some people solve problems, overcome the obstacles and forge ahead and others become immovable, live a pathetic life and fade away in oblivion? It's all in the mind - THE BRAIN, if you believe you can solve problems YOU CAN. Then the million-dollar question is how do we do it? Follow these simple exercises and you will be amazed with what you can do. 

Step #1 

Transform your life..

Sit down with your hands on your thighs, take a deep breath and now count from 1 to 3 and say "I'm calm" I'm cool" "I'm relaxed" Think of something really good, it can be something that has happened or that you would like to happen. It can be wonderful date you had last night, or a fantastic vacation you going to have with your family or you are about to receive an award for your accomplishments in office. Fill your Brain completely with all the WONDERFUL things happened or about to happen. Now the colors brighter, the image bigger, bring it closure and turn the sound up louder. Notice what this does to your feelings. Doing this often will condition your subconscious mind to give you the feeling of those good things, because you always get more of what you focus on in life. For most people enhancing the size and colors of mental pictures does the same to the intensity of their feelings. Now try it the other way around with something mildly unpleasant. 

Step #2 

Sit down with your hands on your thighs, take a deep breath and now count from 1 to 3 and say "I'm calm" I'm cool" "I'm relaxed. Think of something undesirable happened or is about to happen. It can be a dressing down you received from your boss or a fight you had with your girl friend or you messed up your work. Picture this in your mind. Now make drain the color of this picture completely, make it so small that it can't be seen and move it off into a distance and throw it out in the universe. Open your eyes now take a deep breath and notice how you feel. It is interesting that by changing the images we see in our imagination we can literally change how we feel. It is all in the mind, if you program your mind with all positives and carry them forward in your life you will always have all positive things happening in your life. What you focus is what you get. So focus on only the positive and the outcome will be positive. And whenever you face problems follow this exercise and notice the difference you feel. 

If you follow these simple STEPS and TUNE YOUR MIND, you will be more and more healthy, wealthy and happy and successful. Now use the above formula, practice to get the desired results in your life. 

Great People.. Love You All :)