Friday, July 20, 2012

♥ My daily note to myself

Some time ago I decided that I want and I need a change in my life, that I need something more from life for my own good. Well in the moment I decided I need a transition I was making a plan how to do it. Everything is good while it's written on a paper, sometimes life isn't as sunny as we wish it could be. 

So I was looking for this extra thing that could make me smile when I feel low from time to time or when it's all fine and than you get a call or you have a meeting that change your mood from positive to negative. 

I decided that I am responsible for my life and I am responsible for my mood. I wanted to be happy, cheerful, powerful and positive all the time. The best thing to keep me "all smiles" is when someone is kind to me and speaks to me in a positive way. I wanted a daily reminder to tell me all those amazing things. 

On my Iphone I wrote a note to myself. It shows up each day at noon. 

"You are beautiful and amazing. You deserve love, joy and happiness! 
You are making your dreams come true girl. Work harder. 
Keep your mind clear. Love you! Your best friend Deva"

You can't even imagine how many times it shifted my emotions from negative to positive. I encourage you to try it!  All the best Lovers!

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