Friday, June 15, 2012

Romantic Trip with twists.

Today again I am writing another romantic moment of my life. Yes!!! Very romantic and also this was full of twists too. We (me and my hero) went to Nainital for one day trip. I went there earlier too and shared that experience with you in one of my blog months ago and I hope you all liked that too.

We reached Kathgodam in the morning; Kathgodam is small city in Uttarakhand but full of crowd. We get refreshed and took breakfast at Kathgodam, then planned to go to our main destination Nainital. I can say Nainital is very romantic in nature, I think if an arranged marriage couple comes here for their honeymoon surely nature of Nainital make them rise in love with each other.

We took bus for Nainital, but the view of that way was very romantic so I told my hero that I want to walk for a while in this romantic path. I said I came here so many times but alone :( and every time I felt you should be with me, so he agreed to walk for a while in that romantic path. We came out of the bus and start walking on the road.

romantic trip with twist
You Me and Rain

Now you can also imagine the view through my eyes…Just imagine a road which is surrounded by green forest, one side big hills and on other hand dens cliff and weather is foggy. You don’t think that is fully romantic weather?? hmmmmm, I guess you would say “Yes!! True…” . In that too much romantic whether we both were walking. After a long walk we found a waterfall, I am very fascinated for water and this was a real waterfall. I told my hero my desire to go in waterfall and he said yes for that. I went in waterfall and enjoyed a lot and he took lots of pics of me and views too. After one hour we came out of that and now we want to take bus for Nainital.  

Now few twist started taking place in this romantic situation, we were standing on road side for bus but after one hour we dint get any bus for Nainital and surprisingly rain started. My hero is with me in this romantic place and according to me rain is also very romantic and our trip becomes fully romantic after rain. Rain was very heavy and weather was already so cold.

Just Imagine a boy and a girl in a romantic place with add on advantage of romantic whether and rain. No traffic, no people around them, no one to see us. Isn’t it so much Romantic??? Rain started heavily and my hero did something very innocent he took my dupatta and covered his head. I felt something inside my heart…yeah!!!! I felt I wanted to hold his face and I wanted to take the advantage of his innocence and kiss him but I stopped myself but I really he was looking very innocent.

Eventually a bus came we rushed to that because we don’t know when next will come. This bus was going to Bhimtal so we decided to go there because we don’t know when next bus will come. Even after taking for Bhimtal We dint reach there L we reach then touch the soul of that place and we took some refreshment and return back to our lodge J because we were not feeling well after this journey. After reaching lodge we took medicines and get back to Delhi and like that our Romantic trip ended. We went to visit Nainital and even after reaching Bhimtal could not able to see that too.


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