Friday, June 15, 2012

♥ how to make your dreams come true

I love to read books and my favorite subject is “LAW OF ATTRACTION”, MEDITATION and I have read so many on law of attraction like You Can Heal Your Life, The Power Of Your Sub Conscious Mind, and The Secrete. I wrote earlier also about making small changes in your life and now I am writing about ♥ how to make your dreams come true from review of all books which I have read yet. Even I told my hero to do this on regular basis so that we will get marry soon ♥.

dream come true
make your dream come true

When you have a vision and you act as if that vision were already here, you create not only the necessary expertise, but you literally become your own miracle worker. If you believe that you could never head up such an undertaking because 'you don't have the necessary training, credentials, experience,' or whatever, then that is what you will act upon. Begin to act as if you were that expert, even if you have to fool yourself in the beginning. If you have enough belief in yourself, and you are ready, the teacher will appear and you will plunge right in and create the credential that you need to get the job completed.

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