Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Why This Love Is So Much Pain?

Why are all hurt so much? Why is painful love like this? What actually has happened in our relationship? Why are all to be changed? You do now not love me like you all my heart that used to be. You are now no longer in all areas of my life. And today I'm aware of. I'm not part of your family. Did either of our culture is different. Either we are not the same customs. But I feel, I cannot be considered as part of the family. I was disappointed. It was extremely disappointed. I feel sick. It's very sick.

Have you tried to continue to survive. Trying to get back into your life as it once was in times past that is mine. But now everything has changed. You no longer entirely mine. You no longer entirely mine. You're getting away from me. Do I want you more and more tired. Everything has changed. The man who once loved had now gone. Disappeared somewhere. You are no longer the person who always loved me, loved me and made me part of your life. You're really not the person that had been had.

Apparently love is so tiring lately. So painful. So make me unable to look forward. So me not knowing exactly what I want. Now you no longer care about my wishes. You no longer care how I feel. All you wanted was me to meet all you want.  I always obey what you say is that I never lose you. But the day I was getting tired. Very tired. That make all of my energy is lost slowly. Expect such a long time to reach the moon I can likewise reach but could not reach.
I'm really tired.


  1. yeah, there are all of us who undergo such pain in our lives, some are hidden and some are expressed. Hidden/suppressed are rather painful ...

  2. @Songra M,

    Yes You are 100% right, any kind of feelings which were suppressed give huge pain in life and till you don't express it you never get out of that pain.


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