Saturday, May 19, 2012

Songs that close to my heart

Songs close to my Heart

It’s not new if say I love music… because every people like to listen music, and have different taste of it. Some like rock music, some slow, and some people like sad songs.

Have you ever think why we like some particular songs?? I have the answer for this. We used to connect a song with particular situation or person and we start liking those songs.

So I have so many songs very close to my heart and today I am going to share this with you all with all reasons behind those songs. I have a big list of songs but I will share few, because I don't want you all to suffer ;) from my music list.

Followings are my list : 

1.       Ye reshmi julphen ye sharbati ankhe: I used to sing this song for my a school friend just because her eyes were very beautiful and big, she has long and silky hair.. so I always thought that this song is only made for her.

2.      Aane se uske aaye bahar :This is one of my favourite song and it came close to my heart just because my best friend Deepankar dedicated this to me and changed a word in it.... "Aane se uske aaya bahar jane se uske jaye bahar, badi mastani hai meri Monica".

3.       Chand chupa badal me :This is actually close to my heart because my Hero once commented with this song but in changed version "Chand chupa white bedsheet me".

4.      Kaise mujhe tum mil gaye : This is also close to my heart because this sung by my Hero in a restaurant and at that time he dint proposed me and suddenly sung this for infront of my friend, and I started blushing.

5.      Hosanna : I love this song because one day my Hero said that he told all his friends about me with describing this movie and its songs. So this is close to my heart. 

6.       Dekho Raste me haste haste me bat pahunchi kahan se kahan : This is a song which was not dedicated to me from anyone but I always thought that this is a most romantic song I ever heard and whenever I listen this I feel my Hero around me always.

7.      Hume tumse pyar kitna ye hum nahi jante magar jee nahi sakte tumhare bina : This song is also in my list because whenever my Hero asked me “How much you love me?” that time only this song comes on my lips to answer him.

Yes!!!!!!!!! These are my songs....tell me your too...add your comment about which songs are close to your heart and why???? I am waiting for your list.


  1. Songs which not only affect your mind and heart. But even hav effect on your hair all over your body. Vo kahte hai na rongate khade karne.

  2. Hello Abhi, Thank you for your comment and you have a good sense of humour. I appreciate your comments.


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