Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Perfect Day...

Hey friends!! 

Really Yesterday was my perfect day. 

Yes!! Yes!! it was totally perfect. 

I went for my Hypnosis classes (I am going there on every Monday for four  hours), and she is lady who is teaching me and her name is also "MONICA", sounds interesting na?? :)

Yes!!! I know its very interesting.

Yesterday she become my friend too, and we talked too much on every topic related to Hypnosis as well as Past Life Regression Therapy too and non related topics too.

I shared my experience how I went to my past life while I listened my hypnotic mp3, Its quit interesting to know that in my last Birth I was a girl only, but not an Indian :). 

After my class I came out of her house and a friend called me that he is coming to receive me and then we went to Janpath for shopping and I purchased two shirts for me, purchasing was very interesting because I told him to do bargaining and he said he can't help me this. For one shirt I did bargaining and for another one he did it. After shopping we went for coffee at Cafe Coffee Day, CP but dint took coffee we ordered shakes. 

Like that my day ended and it was really perfect day.. :) 

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