Tuesday, May 01, 2012

My first crush my classmate

I fallen in love with my 11th Class tuition mate…Yaaa!!! Even today I dint remember his second name but I can count him in my list because I don’t know what type of feelings I had for him and what he had for me… Usually we go to tuition before time because we enjoy each other’s company so much…most of the time we sit together in class. We solve math problems together and enjoys solving them… we don’t know what we feels for each other we always thinks that we are good friends..

Once I dint went to tuition for one week, and he started inquiring about me why I am not coming. Then he gets to know that one boy was following me regularly from a common friend. One day he came to my home for 1st time and said to my Mumma that I will take care of her; I will pick her from home and drop her also. He started picking me from my home to protect me that Roadside Romeo.

One day while crossing Road he saved me from a big accident of my life. I was crossing the road and dint saw a car was coming in huge speed and he rushed to me and pulled me toward himself and I was totally in his arms that time I felt some different feelings for him.

Unfortunately this was last day of our tuition; we don’t have any reason to meet but after 15 days he came to my home and my Mumma was with us, so he asked me very easy mathematical problems and I know him well he was the best student of our batch. I dint understand his behavior that time and explained the problem and after half an hour he left from our home and that was the when I saw him for last time.

Next morning my friend called me that he came to your home last day, I said yes then she asked “he said anything to you?”I said No, and then she said “he likes you and he came to just to say all this”. I felt bad for that but I can’t do anything for that because I dint have freedom to go and meet him so I thought to let it be.

After that day we dint met again. I don’t know where is he? I am still there in corner of his memory or he forgets me totally? Even now I dint remember his face very clearly but still when one ask me who is your 1st crush, my answer is always “Vikas”.

4th is coming soon.....

Great People.. Love You All :)