Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Remembering: My First Date

Our first date was in Delhi, India on 14th July 2010 it was Australian Independence Days, and I have a holiday. We were talking on phone from last two months, and we decided to meet on this day.

He came to Delhi from Chandigarh only to meet me, we went to a Restaurant in nearest Mall. We talked much but I was not comfortable with him, I met him for the 1st time and his attitude is very different from me. He was looking very serious kind of person; He showed me lots of my own photos in his mobile phone that were showing great likenesses for me.

I remember he said very casually that when we are in Mall then let’s move and at least I will purchase handkerchief and I took him directly to a stall of handkerchief and he laughed like ROFL  :D :D :D :D 

We talked a lot on that evening and now I was very comfortable with him and I love every moment that I spend with him. After spending nearly every moment with him , it became clear to me that I was happy right where I was with him.

Honestly... never in the world will I find something as special


  1. very nice and i am jealous that i dont have a stry like this but all the best
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  2. Whatever you bring to her, it will be the best way to court a girl by being sincere about your feelings.

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  3. @Karensmith, Thank you for your grt advice but I am a girl and I think this advice is for my Hero, surly I will pass on it...


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