Sunday, April 01, 2012

My fear of Emotional Intimacy

I pride myself on being a strong person ( to the outside world)

As much as I have been through...I have to pride myself at least on that...

But one thing makes me nervous and makes me want to run....

Emotional Intimacy

Someone seeing how I really feel

How vulnerable I am

How sensitive I am

Unsure how I am about everything, sometimes...

That makes me cold sweat

Because sometimes I don't even listen to me

But one day at a time I am trying

To listen to myself

Give myself quiet when I need quiet

Stay away when I need to stay away

Get close when I need to get close

Sometimes let the boundaries blur when I am safe

Or know I am loved ( family or friends)

And hope beyond all obstacles

Valuing myself even in brokenness


Your City girl..


  1. I like ur this blog post...really it touches somewhere deeply in the heart..all the best

  2. Thank you friend!!! Its my another pleasure that u liked my blog, u are like regular visitor for my blog.

    Thank you for reading my blog.
    and keep visiting..

  3. Nice blog! Did you take the photo on the post about Emotional Intimacy? It's really compelling...

  4. Thank you so much Mario..


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