Sunday, April 01, 2012

My fear of Emotional Intimacy

I pride myself on being a strong person ( to the outside world)

As much as I have been through...I have to pride myself at least on that...

But one thing makes me nervous and makes me want to run....

Emotional Intimacy

Someone seeing how I really feel

How vulnerable I am

How sensitive I am

Unsure how I am about everything, sometimes...

That makes me cold sweat

Because sometimes I don't even listen to me

But one day at a time I am trying

To listen to myself

Give myself quiet when I need quiet

Stay away when I need to stay away

Get close when I need to get close

Sometimes let the boundaries blur when I am safe

Or know I am loved ( family or friends)

And hope beyond all obstacles

Valuing myself even in brokenness


Your City girl..

Great People.. Love You All :)