Friday, April 27, 2012

Message from Universe

Hey friends..
Today I want share a very beautiful message from universe, which came through past life regression therapy of a lady and this therapy done by Stella Doshi a Past Life Regression Therapist, Courtesy from my mam’s mail. :)

A beautiful lesson through Past Life Regression Therapy,

A lady came to me, married and in love with married man. She was honest about her relationship and walked out of her marriage. Waiting for her boyfriend to take the same stand. Whatever the reason he could not move out in spite of not having any relation with his wife.

She moved into trance, saw her past life where she was married to her current boyfriend, his current wife was her mom in law. The relation between her and her mother in law was very bad. Mother in law troubled her a lot . Mother in law on her death bed was very sorry, was looking for forgiveness which Daughter in law never gave. She wanted revenge.

So in this life her past Mother in law married her past husband and she became the other woman. So that Mother in law stays in pain. To take the revenge she chose this life, of course she is causing lot of pain to her, but at the same time she herself is not at peace.

Lesson: “Revenge never makes anyone happy,”

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