Friday, April 27, 2012

Message from Universe

Hey friends..
Today I want share a very beautiful message from universe, which came through past life regression therapy of a lady and this therapy done by Stella Doshi a Past Life Regression Therapist, Courtesy from my mam’s mail. :)

A beautiful lesson through Past Life Regression Therapy,

A lady came to me, married and in love with married man. She was honest about her relationship and walked out of her marriage. Waiting for her boyfriend to take the same stand. Whatever the reason he could not move out in spite of not having any relation with his wife.

She moved into trance, saw her past life where she was married to her current boyfriend, his current wife was her mom in law. The relation between her and her mother in law was very bad. Mother in law troubled her a lot . Mother in law on her death bed was very sorry, was looking for forgiveness which Daughter in law never gave. She wanted revenge.

So in this life her past Mother in law married her past husband and she became the other woman. So that Mother in law stays in pain. To take the revenge she chose this life, of course she is causing lot of pain to her, but at the same time she herself is not at peace.

Lesson: “Revenge never makes anyone happy,”

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I am on the top of the world

Aaj mai uppar.. Asma niche..Aaj mai aage..jamana hai piche

I am very happy today on my favorite blog Ekk Deewana tha - in my life.. got triple century of impression................. 

I want to sing a song.. 
let me suggest any song this... 
I am getting a song .. 

Aaj mai uppar aasma niche...aaj mai aage jamana hai piche... 
Tell me O khuda aab mai kya karun....chalun sidhi ki ulti chalunn...
Thank you so much friends for liking my blog and giving your precious time here.. 

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Happy Reading & Unconditional love.. 

OMG...Crying women are scientifically unsexy.

Weeping releases a chemical that reduces sexual arousal in men. The chemical releases a signal that says they are not interested in romance at the moment, which men instinctively respond to by shutting down feelings of arousal. To be specific, this refers to deeply emotional tears, not those caused by getting something in the eye, or a moderately sad movie. 
Typically, those arousal-killing chemicals are only released during full emotional weeping. Neuroscientist Noam Sobel of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, put together an experiment to test this. Sobel collected jars of tears from women and dipped pads in them. 
They placed the pads under men's noses and showed them pictures of women. The men smelling tears rated the faces as less attractive when compared to men who did not smell tears. To support it scientifically, their testosterone levels were measured, and, not surprisingly, they dropped. 
Source: OMG Facts

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Category alert!

New Category alert! I’ve created my latest category ‘WORDPLAY’ here. I’ll mostly be bombarding you with lyrics that I love, writing which inspires me and words that for one reason or another, have the ability to make my skin tingle.

My fav. movie pics....

Yes... Today I am sharing my favorite movies pics...Because I don't know why but on internet I search any thing I only find these pics...So I thought to share it here.... 

Actually this movies story related to me but I but ending is different I wish it will change and convert in happy one...  

Remembering: My First Date

Our first date was in Delhi, India on 14th July 2010 it was Australian Independence Days, and I have a holiday. We were talking on phone from last two months, and we decided to meet on this day.

He came to Delhi from Chandigarh only to meet me, we went to a Restaurant in nearest Mall. We talked much but I was not comfortable with him, I met him for the 1st time and his attitude is very different from me. He was looking very serious kind of person; He showed me lots of my own photos in his mobile phone that were showing great likenesses for me.

I remember he said very casually that when we are in Mall then let’s move and at least I will purchase handkerchief and I took him directly to a stall of handkerchief and he laughed like ROFL  :D :D :D :D 

We talked a lot on that evening and now I was very comfortable with him and I love every moment that I spend with him. After spending nearly every moment with him , it became clear to me that I was happy right where I was with him.

Honestly... never in the world will I find something as special

Friday, April 20, 2012

I, Me, and Myself

People call me reckless. They think I am a daredevil, a rebel fighting with everyone. I wish at least you didn't see me like everyone else. I just wish you saw the truth beneath my tough exterior, and realized that I am not running away from anyone; I'm just trying to be with myself. Because I believe that no one can love or understand me more than I can.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

My fear of Emotional Intimacy

I pride myself on being a strong person ( to the outside world)

As much as I have been through...I have to pride myself at least on that...

But one thing makes me nervous and makes me want to run....

Emotional Intimacy

Someone seeing how I really feel

How vulnerable I am

How sensitive I am

Unsure how I am about everything, sometimes...

That makes me cold sweat

Because sometimes I don't even listen to me

But one day at a time I am trying

To listen to myself

Give myself quiet when I need quiet

Stay away when I need to stay away

Get close when I need to get close

Sometimes let the boundaries blur when I am safe

Or know I am loved ( family or friends)

And hope beyond all obstacles

Valuing myself even in brokenness


Your City girl..

Great People.. Love You All :)