Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Writing a fairy tale

Every child in this world, especially a girl will be grown up with lots of fairy tales...In that age, every girl thinks herself as beautiful fairy and starts imagining that a prince will come on white horse in her life and take her with him....She used to live in her own imaginary world..She plays with her dolls and kitchen set that she has and make her home in her own world…

Eventually childhood will ends up when the age starts growing up and these kind of imaginations will also get disappear from her life…It takes little place in her heart…never come back in life even If she wish….we made a world for our self that was just perfect; free from any malice of any kind.. All the grown-ups are seeing the life more practically that we ever have...I too had imaginary world but the difference is I still thinks of it until this minute…

Dream Fairy

In that world, I am a princess and wearing a beautiful long gown and walking no just running on the street…The streets are full of flowers and plants…It gives me a fragrant smell…a very beautiful place that anyone could imagine…In that street, there are lots of people, who are just watching me and appreciating my appearance…

In that crowd of people, I am expecting a Prince everyday...I am waiting for him from many many many years…I don’t mind if he is a prince in disguise of an ugly frog...We will find a place for us up in the clouds far, far away; where I can look at the stars with better view from earth, where they will shine brighter for us and it's just only for you and me. Walking up in the clouds with you... Ah, I'm getting goose bumps just thinking about it!

Yeeaahh that’s my fairy tale….share yours if you have something like that……. 


  1. wonderful and superb the way u expressed. every girl should think like u i am proud to comment on u r blog

    1. Thank you for reading my thoughts and appreciating.


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