Friday, March 09, 2012

Sharma gae mai hai hai...

In my life, I never had an experience of blushing at any time and I never thought of it too. But all my friends want to see that how I will look like when I encounter with the feeling of it and even me too want to experience it...I had felt it once due to my Hero but at that time I just tried to escape myself from that situation…
Actually it happened when we were in Chidambaram for our PCP, we both were attending our practical classes and we were in two different classes. My Hero left his book with me but for his class he was in need of that book. So after finding time he called me and said to bring that book to his class and give him in person. I went to his class but I couldn't able to give it to him. Because his professor didn't gave permission to give it.  So I get back to my class. 

After one hour, the class got over, every boy of his class came to me and said "we know that you both have true love and now tell us how you both found each other…” Oh God, that was the situation when I was blushing for the first time. At the same time, I was shocked and having a big question to myself that "what’s going on here?”, "What they are talking about?". I asked everyone about this but they were teasing me.. 

At last, one of them said when you came to class just 10 minutes before, they were talking about our relationship and suddenly my Hero said to them that "If my love is true then she will come here within 10 minutes and you came. 

OMG………really I was blushing...I tried to tell them the truth but they were not ready to listen...they were moving around me and repeating the single line "His love is true…. His love is true….” I was having smile on my face and wanted to escape from there. 

After all this, I went out of the institute alone and he was talking to his friends and they were still on the same topic…my lodge was just 20 feet away from institute…suddenly I saw him on a bike (there we don’t have our own bike) and he came to me & stopped his bike and I didn't thought for a single second and rushed on bike…We took 5 minutes ride of it and gave the bike back to his friend.. 

Now everyone who were teasing at that time gave a complement that 
"we both are just made for each other”.

Great People.. Love You All :)