Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nature’s love

Today’s evening was an usual evening, I was coming from my office and definitely one question will rise in your mind that why this girl was saying it was a different one from that of everyday happening….

Yeah!!! Let me just describe it!!!

Today, when I left my office, I was having a feeling like “oh!! Again, I have to travel alone”. When this thing was running in my thoughts, suddenly I felt it. Yes, it was a cold breeze that flew my hair and it looked like, it was telling me that “I am here for you”. It gave me a good feel and then I have noticed the surroundings near me. I was walking over a lane which was full covered with dried leaves (due to last night’s heavy storm) and leaves were starting flying slowly due to the heavily blowing wind..

I was walking over them by watching all these things and that lane was free from traffic and people.. At that time, I could feel the smell of green leaves which were still on the tree (that lane was full of trees).. On the other hand, I could feel the beauty of dried leaves on the lane… Somewhere the wind chimes were also ringing and it added a great sound effect at that beautiful moment.

I was enjoying the nature’s love and the cold air was coming towards me like that it wants to give a big hug with lots of love.. I can feel the air all over my body and it looked like it was hugging me with love… I can feel that air which is nearby my neck and hair, like it was giving me its existence and it was telling me that “Monica, never feel alone, I am always with you”.


  1. enjoying the nature is good but i wont leave u alone so dont think like that
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