Sunday, March 11, 2012

Modern Laxmi Bai on Delhi Road.

Few months ago, I met my ex-colleague. He called me as "Laxmi Bai”...I was surprised and asked him that "Why are you calling me with that name...”. He replied to me one of the funniest incident of my life which happened two days back before I met him. Oh God, I was surprised again that he saw me?????... Actually, he saw me in the middle of traffic while crossing the lane.

Actually on that day, it was around 7.00 pm in the evening, we were on the way to Mother Dairy Road in a heavy traffic...Me and my friend were coming back to home from our office.. It was in Noida, so we have to take bus for Main Mother Dairy and then we have to cross two traffic light to reach another bus. There we were waiting for a red signal so that we could cross the road. After 5 minutes of waiting, the Red signal opened but no vehicle stopped for that. But we want to cross the road but couldn’t...........We were in a hurry to go to Mother Dairy Ice-cream parlor...

Then in that Red signal, I decided to cross the road. In that traffic, I kept hold of my friend’s hand tightly because I know that she can’t do it alone. I had started to walk in traffic and showed a hand to the coming traffic. The 1st one was an auto rickshaw who came near to me. I said to the driver that "Ruko!!! Dikhta nahi kya? Red signal ho gaya hai (Stop!! Don’t you look at the Red signal)" with a big smile.. The driver was shocked and replied something, but we didn’t listen to him...There in that traffic everyone was watching us because of our foolishness (actually because of our daring hehhehehe)...

I was smiling and everyone started smiling at me and we moved from there.. In all this, I felt like I was a lion that crossed her way and everyone scared while seeing me...

Now we have to cross another road...I took the same step again and but this time it was not the auto rickshaw but a mini bus... It was not me this time but the driver said to me that "Ye to mai hu jisne bus rok diya koi aur hota to chada deta tum par (It’s me who had stopped the bus, if any other driven means may be hit you at this time.)" but he was also smiling at me and me also did.

My friend was also very laughing at me and keep on telling that you are crazy...Really I was feeling like crazy at that time as well as a Lion oh no a Lioness...............


  1. hmmmm modern jhanshi ki rani......Awesome..

  2. Hey!!!! Monica you are rocking in the field of blogging.... :-)

  3. yea ur d ryt darng lioness, who hav stopd al d dogs in d huge traffic.....!

    1. Thanq .... Yeahh!!! Naveen I tried to express what I did and felt there... I suppose I did it u liked it..

  4. agar koi ladka aise cross kare to kitni gaaliyaa padhe. Koi murkaraye bhi na .


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