Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Love stories, said or unsaid

Who said love only happens once in life… I do not agree to this thought. I saw many people who had fallen in love many times.. even I have many love story of my own single one life… I can say one thing for sure that all these moment everyone have in his/her life but never notice it… but I think  we should live all the small moments of life because these become our happy memory album. Here I am going to narrate my all love stories  

My first love……

my papa is strong

I fallen in love with my father …Yes, he was my 1st love.. As per child psychology in age of 5-6 every child fall in with their opposite sex parent So I fell in love with my Father.. hmmm I do not know how explain but yes Its true… He did all the good things for me that he can do for my better life..even I could not imagine my life without my father…
I remember all the thing when my fallen ill, that time my father helped to getting ready for school..he used to cook our breakfast when my mother helps us in getting ready for school..He was my friend when there was no one to share..He was the 1st who asked me “what you want to do in your life”. When my complained my father about my naughty habits he used to say “her naughty incident made my house home.”
When I was in 10th Standard I wake up at four am for exam preparation he always wake up before me and make Tea for me so that I will not get sleep again … He always gave me extra pocket money at the same time he knows that my mumma gave it to me…
When I started cooking he used to stand with me in kitchen so that never think that cooking is a boring task of kitchen but it’s a different thing that I still feels it’s a boring task of kitchen :-) ..whenever I do some experiment with foods he used to taste 1st and appreciate it..
Till now he used to get up before me and prepare tea for us…even he cook breakfast for us whenever last day I was in fast… I love u papa …

My love for a Star

In my teenage I have fallen in love with Bollywood Star “Sanjay Dutt”…I can say it was my 1st crush… He was so dashing in his age…He played many roles in hindi movies I used to watch his every movie and on the same time I was imagining that his co-star was only me…Start thinking of him day and night..He always came in my dreams…Yeahhh I still remember one of his movie “Saajan” and its song “Mera dil bhi kitna Pagal hai ye Pyar jo tumse karta hai…..” I always thought that this song was only for me… 



  1. yes Love is always there when you look around. Love is not always Sex. Peoples are misguided by hollywood and Bollywood.

    1. You are right Abhishek..I think Love is just a feel which we feel for any one...

  2. Yes Love is is feeling what we feel for any one and that feelings are awesome,
    And a city gal you wrote an great things,
    I likes it very much,
    Keep writing and Best of Luck to you.......


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