Friday, March 09, 2012

Life should have a Re-wind button!!!

From the last three days, I am just trying to write something but I felt like I am puzzled. I am totally confused about the angle, I should narrate the same so that everyone could have the interest to read it...But I could not find the way..I tried to write it thrice but failed..And now, I found the way to write in the way that I should write...

From last few days, I am trying to describe how we met each other...Lol. It sounds like "Jab We Met", a Bollywood movie name.. Actually, I was not clear on what title I should give to this bolg and but I got a perfect title now "Jab We Met"....describing how we met in blog. I feel, it’s very difficult to express but I will try picturize my level best.

First I got his contact through the outdated social networking site (Orkut), then we contacted via mobile and then started to date...After few days, he told me that he is going to describe about our fist meet.

Here are his words shared with me...
On a beautiful morning in Chidambaram, Tamilnadu, I had my tea in a canteen..I was sitting in one corner of the canteen and the sun light came in through a window and fell on my face..The sunlight got reflected from the nose ring and traveled towards a guy who was sitting on the same canteen. This incident had captured his attention towards me..He was very much attracted and felt like talking to me but couldn't found reason for that...At that time, he took the sugar and was mixing it with the tea but it was slipped on his hand.. He was trying to capture my attention though that but failed. Then he prayed to God that "She should be in my class only"..

In the classroom, he was sitting in the last bench and the entrance was near where he was sitting. So when I entered into the class, he was first who looked at me..He was very happy to see me in his class...But still he didn't came and spoke to me..He just started following me and noticing all my activities..

The days were passed with boring lectures, interesting practicals. I used to write all my assignments in the evening and it was a good experience because I found so many new friends at that time.
I was unaware of all his activities and interest..I was trying to complete my works on time and keep myself to spend some time with friends..But it was not the case with him. He was so busy in gathering information about me.

He did lots of gimmicks for getting my information. One among them is that he had stolen my ID Card from University’s Admin Office and copied my data from that.. He had compared his height with mine because to make sure that his height was same as me..Regularly starring at me wherever I go..Changed his batch from his current PCP to next PCP so that he can meet me in next PCP too..

Like that our PCP came to an end but we didn't had a word with each other.. When I get to know all these stories later, I felt like how could I missed all these things and I wished that I should go to my past and see them again.


  1. Awwwww..! that's kinda very sweet in a way! Hope you are get to know each other! :)

  2. yes ..
    but time once passed can not back :(

    But really what a nice incident happened with you..

    May God you both live forever..

    "bas ek kami hai kabhi to ladkiyo ko pehle baat kar leni chahiye"

  3. Pawan Saraswat ji, lakdi is case me pahle kaise kar sakti thi jab use pata hi nahi tha koi use dekh rha hai......


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