Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I’m loving it….

These days I am feeling very good… my every friend knows that I am writing blog on my own feelings. This is not a reason for my happiness but the reason is my blog somewhere effecting others thoughts too.

Usually I write my feelings which every one feels in their life but never enjoyed or noticed, but now when they read my blogs they realized that they also felt the same in their life but they dint gave any importance to them. Now they started enjoyed their feelings and moment they encounter everyday and the most important thing is they share it with me and says “I also felt same like your so and so blog, if they write blog they will share this moment 1st”. It's very good feeling when your small work affects other people’s thoughts in a positive manner. 

Ahha really I am enjoying this very much. I’m loving it….


  1. its real that what u feel go a head u r blog rockzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. SMS ji...u aare mentioning your name and still writing anonymous.............. :)

  3. Good exercise. But now a days people are forgetting. Hats off


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