Saturday, March 10, 2012

Felt What a Romance is Really, At Last!!!

Earlier, I used to think that I am more practical than emotional. I don't trust in Love and love stories..My mind will always says me that love is made only for movies and TV programs..and not a single emotion of love can touch me because this is not possible in real life..
You may think like that I have created a cocoon in which a single emotion of LOVE can't enter in my heart because I think that Love only hurts and this cocoon became my original thought.....

Without my knowledge I loved all those things which does not exist in real life in my point of view..I forget that this is only a cocoon which I created to protect me from LOVE feel..
One fine day, one of my friend introduced me to inner Monica, who is a romantic girl, who love salsa dance, romantic love story, romantic movies, romantic TV programs, romantic songs and loves the one who express a real love and proposals....
But earlier I thought that I am not a romantic one...I love only white and pink color..I love slow songs but later only I came to know that whatever I heard all are very romantic songs.
He simply explained these things to me and said it is only to tease me. But his joke made me understand myself more than before...


  1. love has no boundaries i.e. girl frnd, sister, mothr, fathr, our country etc nd I thnk sm time we try to make it in----- but believe me its a lovely thng whn u feel it truely.

  2. we actualy doesnt knw wt love is....! Bt trust me love makes lyf beautiful, colourful nd magical.

    1. yes Naveen, U said 100% true...I am experiencing magical and colorful power of love....It changed me alot...I really love those experiences....


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