Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wow factor of girls life….

I am writing my new feeling of a girl’s life..I think every girl wait for the movement when suddenly her immaturity converts in maturity..I am talking about MOTHERHOOD..I thinks that you may wonder that why today I am writing about motherhood..

wow factor of girl's life

Last week I was travelling to Delhi to Kathgodam by train... I was with my mumma and she was sleeping and I was enjoying my book...Suddenly I listen the sound of small babies sneeze..The sound was very cute and after that I couldn’t concentrate on my book...I started enjoying the sound he/she was making…I saw her/his mother was talking with the baby and voice was very different it sounds like she was babbling and crooning…

After listening this babbling and crooning sound I started thinking of the motherhood...How a girl become a mother…whenever I look a mother with her 1st child I never thought that she is new in motherhood…she looks a perfect mother…how it all happens…how a she learn motherhood in one night…when a mother do babbling sound with her baby this sound fails all super hit songs…how she become more careful to baby…suddenly a mother took birth in that girl or some other miracle take place…

Oh I don’t have any answer for this…but I think Motherhood is most beautiful phase of girl life..and the relation of mother & child is very precious in this world… 

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