Sunday, February 05, 2012

Stupid Love

Stupid Love
After a long time I met with my everything…I was very happy to see him again..This was also reflecting on his face..He was keep on saying that he missed me a lot…He went to his native place to meet his parents and have to some work there also..

Today when I left my house to meet him I was prepared that I am going to fight with him..I show him my disappointment and wanted to tell that I don’t like his attitude towards me…He should also make time for me..In between all those responsibility he dint make available for I am very angry with him..

I don’t know What happen to me…When I saw his face he was smiling and looking at me..I was start smiling after watching him..I could not pretend that I am angry and I am not going to talk you any more as I decided..When I was stop facing his eyes I can do but when I look into his eyes I can’t..when I pretend that I am angry he keep smiling and touch-wood he was looking very cute and innocent so I could not do that anymore….

I can say that I am falling in love with him in every movement of my life I could not pretend that I am not loving him or angry with for any stupid reasons… What you say about my this experience?


  1. This story totally related related to me....i am totally lyk u.....this will same happen with me

  2. I like ur love feelings.i am also thinking to fall in love.lekin hotha nahi..

  3. heart touching love me ye sab common par ab kuch sal ke bad
    picha deka tho ye beautiful memory hota

  4. Monica g

    Ab aapko ye kya ho gya hai.
    cooldown monica g

  5. Awsum,, n heart touching yar

  6. You


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