Thursday, February 23, 2012

Worse day became beautiful


I went to Nainital in September month this year for a work. I was free on that day from 10:30 am in the morning and even I don’t have anything to do and my return reservation was only at 8pm. Many questions raised in my mind like, What to do in that big day? How can I spent my whole day alone? I don’t have any answers for all that questions. Slowly I have started to walk on the street with a big bag in my hand.

Suddenly, I saw a boy sitting in Activa (Scooty) and was starring at me. I just walked towards him and when I almost reached him, he said "Where are you going?” … I said "Nainital”…and I asked him inturn "Where are you going?” and he replied me as "I am going to poly”…and he offered me lift in his bike. I didn’t said a word but simply accepted his offer. He took my bag and put it in front of scooty…I was little scared and with lots of doubts on my mind, I sat on his scooty.

He started introducing himself like, he was doing some course in Nainital Polytechnic…He started talking like girls and I didn’t expect from a boy..I was shocked but felt happy for his nature… He gave me lots of tricks on how to travel in hill stations…We talked too much and enjoyed a lot…

Suddenly, it started raining and we searched for a shelter and finally we found a shelter and there we spent for almost half an hour…I was watching that everyone in that place was waiting for the the rain to stop except me…I enjoyed that rain very much and the weather was very romantic but I was missing my Love…Yes, he was not with me as he was repairing an aircraft in Air force Station…and finally the rain had stopped and we have started to Nainital from there..

With all the gossip we reached Nainital…After reaching Nainital, that guy has to go on his own way and I have to spend my day in Nainital alone, just because I don’t have any work and even I don’t like to do shopping alone. At last, I got a plan in my mind to sit on the lakeside and enjoy the nature… He said, "It’s only 11:30 am and what you are going to do now?”. And again he offered me to go to his poly. He said, "I had only one hour work and after that I will be free”.

I don’t know how and why I accepted his offer and moved with him to his Poly…Again, I was on his scooty and he had started driving. Finally, we reached his Poly and his bike entered into the Poly compound. It was a big polytechnic and because it was in hills it looked so good and cool and the weather was very romantic too. He went to the Head Principal’s office and I was seeing the nature’s beauty nearby that place. The clouds just came before my eyes and got disappeared within few minutes. The weather was too cold in that place, so he gave his yellow sweater.

After one hour, he finished his work and we were free to move…We both felt very hungry. We decided to go Nainital before that so that we have good Hill’s food…We moved to Nainital…During that travel towards Nainital, he explained about the locations that we have crossed and we took a lots of pics.

After 10 – 15 minutes of travel, we reached to Nainital. But unfortunately, in Nainital, all the local market were closed, just due to Anna Hazare Anshan. But he arranged some chips and snacks…After having that snacks, we went to Naina Devi Temple…Just because, all the shops were closed, we were unable to do any shopping…So we decided to sit on a good place and enjoy the nature. We got a bench, where we sat and started talking about our family…We gave food to fishes in a nearby lake…We took so many pics and videos…I was surprised to see that the time was already 4:30 PM. So we decided to go to Haldwani Railway Station, because it was about 30kms away and surely it may take one and half hours to reach there…

We were coming down from that hills and he was telling me about the area and again we took lots of pics and videos.. We both felt very tried and exhausted, so decided to eat corn…then we have decided to take a break and eat some corn and had some good rest. Again, we have started and finally we reached to Haldwani railway station…Now its 6:00 pm. It was very late for him, since he has to reach his home because his parents were waiting for him but even then he took me to my platform …Finally the time came to say "Good bye” each other… I gave his woollens back to him and he asked me to take meal on time and post a message on Facebook that "I have reached safely”…

That was a great day, since my worst day become more beautiful day since just because I found a good company…The day ended for me with a happy smile on my face.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wow factor of girls life….

I am writing my new feeling of a girl’s life..I think every girl wait for the movement when suddenly her immaturity converts in maturity..I am talking about MOTHERHOOD..I thinks that you may wonder that why today I am writing about motherhood..

wow factor of girl's life

Last week I was travelling to Delhi to Kathgodam by train... I was with my mumma and she was sleeping and I was enjoying my book...Suddenly I listen the sound of small babies sneeze..The sound was very cute and after that I couldn’t concentrate on my book...I started enjoying the sound he/she was making…I saw her/his mother was talking with the baby and voice was very different it sounds like she was babbling and crooning…

After listening this babbling and crooning sound I started thinking of the motherhood...How a girl become a mother…whenever I look a mother with her 1st child I never thought that she is new in motherhood…she looks a perfect mother…how it all happens…how a she learn motherhood in one night…when a mother do babbling sound with her baby this sound fails all super hit songs…how she become more careful to baby…suddenly a mother took birth in that girl or some other miracle take place…

Oh I don’t have any answer for this…but I think Motherhood is most beautiful phase of girl life..and the relation of mother & child is very precious in this world… 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lovely Silly moments….

Although I have lots of moments which give a beautiful smile on my face…but today I want to share my one of best moment of my life. Sometime when I look back in my memory album my smile come on my face without knocking the door of my heart…really heart touching…I could not stop myself. ;-)
One day my lover called me and said when he was traveling by bus he was on window seat and on another seat an uncle was there and he slept after some time. Suddenly he felt like I am on his side and unknowingly he offered his shoulder to uncle for rest. After that he realizes that I am not with him and felt bad. We both love traveling so most of the time I used to rest on his shoulder while traveling long..
One more incident he shared with me that while sleeping in his room he woke up at 2 PM and felt sound of my breath..I know you would say how silly is this…really friends girls are like this only. She loves your every small activity and she forgives your all big blunders in fractions of second if she feels that u really feeling bad for that..

Really these moments are very special for me because he was very jovial kind of person and he never shares his feelings to anyone…for the 1st time he shared this kind of feeling…


Sunday, February 05, 2012

Stupid Love

Stupid Love
After a long time I met with my everything…I was very happy to see him again..This was also reflecting on his face..He was keep on saying that he missed me a lot…He went to his native place to meet his parents and have to some work there also..

Today when I left my house to meet him I was prepared that I am going to fight with him..I show him my disappointment and wanted to tell that I don’t like his attitude towards me…He should also make time for me..In between all those responsibility he dint make available for I am very angry with him..

I don’t know What happen to me…When I saw his face he was smiling and looking at me..I was start smiling after watching him..I could not pretend that I am angry and I am not going to talk you any more as I decided..When I was stop facing his eyes I can do but when I look into his eyes I can’t..when I pretend that I am angry he keep smiling and touch-wood he was looking very cute and innocent so I could not do that anymore….

I can say that I am falling in love with him in every movement of my life I could not pretend that I am not loving him or angry with for any stupid reasons… What you say about my this experience?

Friday, February 03, 2012

lil jealousy

                                     A little jealousy is healthy in a relationship,
                           its always good to know that someone is afraid to lose you. .

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Writing a fairy tale

Every child in this world, especially a girl will be grown up with lots of fairy tales...In that age, every girl thinks herself as beautiful fairy and starts imagining that a prince will come on white horse in her life and take her with him....She used to live in her own imaginary world..She plays with her dolls and kitchen set that she has and make her home in her own world…

Eventually childhood will ends up when the age starts growing up and these kind of imaginations will also get disappear from her life…It takes little place in her heart…never come back in life even If she wish….we made a world for our self that was just perfect; free from any malice of any kind.. All the grown-ups are seeing the life more practically that we ever have...I too had imaginary world but the difference is I still thinks of it until this minute…

Dream Fairy

In that world, I am a princess and wearing a beautiful long gown and walking no just running on the street…The streets are full of flowers and plants…It gives me a fragrant smell…a very beautiful place that anyone could imagine…In that street, there are lots of people, who are just watching me and appreciating my appearance…

In that crowd of people, I am expecting a Prince everyday...I am waiting for him from many many many years…I don’t mind if he is a prince in disguise of an ugly frog...We will find a place for us up in the clouds far, far away; where I can look at the stars with better view from earth, where they will shine brighter for us and it's just only for you and me. Walking up in the clouds with you... Ah, I'm getting goose bumps just thinking about it!

Yeeaahh that’s my fairy tale….share yours if you have something like that……. 

Great People.. Love You All :)