Saturday, December 31, 2011

Surprise of New Year

Today is 31st Dec 2011.. At least, this year has come to an end. I Remember very well on how my Love wished me for a Last New Year.. I just feel like it happened yesterday night. Days had passed like anything.. Although, everyday is a new day in the life but We expect something different in this kind of special day. Love is all about expecting the same Love from your Loved one. I am not an exception to that. But my Love is very formal, so I didn’t expect anything from him.. So I decided to wish him before he do or forget..:-)

New Year's gift..
At 12am, I just picked my phone to call him but my phone started ringing and I was shocked. That was him only. He called me to wish for the new year ..and at that time he was at his air force party. But still he didn’t forget to call and wish me… That was a great surprise for me and my biggest gift for a New Year, I had ever received..
It is a year old Moment but still in my heart because that moment was very close to me..I Wish again that he should surprise me with the same gift.. I am awaiting To receive his call..: -)
By the way I want to wish you all the very best for the New Year… May God bless you and all your dreams comes true this year…;-)

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  1. very nice, but what happened next is he surprised kya gift diya waiting for the ans continue this.


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