Friday, December 23, 2011

New Friend of City Girl

Its 12:50 am and I am not even feeling sleepy & not getting sleep so thought of expressing my current mood… ;-)
These days I am talking to a new friend who is far away from me and even from my culture..our language is different but we communicate in Hindi my mother tongue but not his …
He is a good person by nature, more understanding.. he was with me at that time when every one left me on my own condition… I don’t know why he came in my life but I think we have some old connection…may be old connection of friendship or may be any other one…That I can’t say only God knows what it is…
He knows everything about me and my current situation…We are very good friends..Please dot think otherwise… :-)
He is always trying to understand me and always says that he never saw a girl like me…We met in my recent Chennai Trip but we are old facebook friend.. I found a good friend in him.. He is quit funny, mood lightening person and very understanding and very friendly one..  :-)
I can say one more thing about me that I am very lucky because I always found very good friends in my life… I don’t know where our friendship will go… but I am very happy with my all friends…

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